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    SD River bull frogs

    That’s awesome! Unfortunately for some of the kids that will be their only exposure to anything close to hunting.
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    Torey’s first legal halibut

    Went out to cool off and catch spotties. 24 spotties and four halibut. This one was 26” 7-1/2 pounds caught on a hookup bait with 6# line. .
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    Steve, thank you so much for putting on such a great event I had a kid I took who had never shot a gun. He was so stoked! There are people in this world that talk a good talk. They have the best intentions and want to help, but for whatever reasons they don’t. Steve is one of a dying breed. One...
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    Final day to report lobster report card.

    You mustn’t have seen the tally from my report card.
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    Final day to report lobster report card.

    You have til midnight to report your lobster cards.
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    Pre-Sunday Meal Tonight

    Steve, thanks for putting this on. Look forward to it every year. Nick and Torey had a great time with the dogs.
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    Decent day/

    Good catch I didn’t even see that. Hey Jeff thanks for complimenting me on a good jog. Lol!
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    Decent day/

    Ha ha!
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    Spoons, Teal, and Snows....1-24-18

    Very nice. We haven’t killed a snow this year.
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    Decent day/

    Went to Wister today with Sigalert and despite the low average we had a decent hunt with 11 birds between the two of us. Always fun hunting with Sig. We both love the hole experience from the drive, camping, hanging at the campfire...
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    Last days in TN

    I found a guy in Ramona. Great job rebuilding my carbs great price too.
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    Late post Wister

    Duck hunting for me this year has been very slow. I usually have a handful of really memorable hunts to share but this year I only had 1 great hunt. I was lucky to have a friend help me pick a blind that looked promising when he scouted the day before and apparently it was the only blind that...
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    Thanks NBK

    Glad to see you kept your clothes on. Lol! Good job.
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    Buck down

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    D16 3X3

    Nice buck!