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    First public land bird

    You're dead on about the other guys. Opening day I heard what sounded like a dying cat at 5:30, a hoot owl at 11 AM, and a hen on speed throughout the day. It boggles the mind. Congratulations though!
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    My 2017 Deer Season

    Great write-up man, I especially enjoyed the birthday buck. The blunders make you kick yourself, but ultimately they're what make hunting so much fun.
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    Finally some much needed rain in socal

    My buddy and I were talking about this yesterday, keep it coming and maybe I'll finally shoot a turkey!
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    If you can see the animals, it's a good time to scout.
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    NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up 2018

    I'll be there.
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    New CA wolf pack

    Donate to conservation organizations, make your voice heard. TRCP and BHA are great ones. One more thing slightly related, the current CDFW Wolf Plan has said that CDFW will be given fund, and the plan "requires these funds to be solely expended to acquire lands, complete projects, and...
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    Hey everybody

    I'm not sure how bright this season will be, but as long as this rain continues, the flock should get a good boost for 2019. Either way, I'll be hitting it hard and hopefully come out with a nice bird. Great to see another local floating around!
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    New CA wolf pack

    Late to the party, but I see a lot of unbalanced and unfair criticism of wolves here. In the areas they arrive the herds will go through the same issues they had in Yellowstone. When the wolves were introduced, the herds got slammed pretty hard because they hadn't dealt with them in some time...
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    Hey everybody

    Hey, I live in North County and hunt primarily turkey and small game. I haven't hunted deer in a couple years, but I'll be heading out this year again assuming I draw a tag.
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    CNF is a big area and the water fluctuates in accordance with both season and general rain patterns. Spring usually has a good deal of water scattered around in the Palomar District, and near as I can gather from my experiences trekking around the Descanso part, there are scattered streams. Do...
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    Hey everybody

    Hi folks, I've been lurking around here for a long time just looking at pictures and reading what you all have to say. There's a lot of nice and very funny people on here as well as a lot of good info, and I figured it's high time I sign up. I'm a big public lands advocate and spend a good deal...