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    Black eagle arrows? Play with this to find out what works best with your bow.
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    Black eagle arrows?

    Always shoot Goldtip Hunter Pro’s. But if Victory wanted to sponsor me I could be persuaded to shoot the VAP TKO’s
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    Carp Roundup 2018

    Random and I made the trip up to Big Bear for Carp Roundup. This years tournament was tough. There were 31 boat teams entered. With windy and cold conditions the carp just didn’t want to play. Saturday the first place team shot 81 pounds, second place team shot 79 pounds. We didn’t know what...
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    6/13/18 leftover tags

    If you were unsuccessful in the draw you can buy any of these left over tags now.
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    6/13/18 leftover tags

    D16 is (restricted tag). So you canot buy an A22 (premium tag) until Aug 2. You cannot have any combination of (premium) and (restricted) until after that date.
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    6/13/18 leftover tags

    For you guys wondering what your going to do. Here is what’s left.
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    Draw results up

    Looks like the local crowd has some competition. D16 for me.
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    Poor Table Etiquette

    Looks like all the good parts are gone. Must have been “Granny”
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    Two more weeks of bowfishing practice. Then it gets serious at the Carp Roundup. Any of you guys going ?
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    Windy and hot

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on your hunts. Good luck next time around
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    Hog Doggin in Texas

    That’s a lot of pork chops
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    San Felipe 2018

    Yes it’s a great area. Best time to fish down there is October.
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    San Felipe 2018

    Cool pics Drew. How far down were you ? I go down to kilometer 32 quite a bit.