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    Fathers Day

    Happy fathers day to all. Love that old picture Steve.
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    Draw results up

    G13 for me and D16 for REM plus a point for her next year. She's going away to college so don't know if she'll get to hunt much any ways.
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    Mission Bay sunset

    AMEN to that , gotta love taking the kids out.
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    Colorado here we come

    Thanks as we get closer I will definitely reach out to you.
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    Colorado here we come

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    Colorado here we come

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    Colorado here we come

    So my credit card just got hit. First out of state hunt.
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    J.A.K.E.S Day at the Range......2018

    How did it go STEVE??
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    J.A.K.E.S Day at the Range......2018

    Good luck STEVE
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    Weekend fun

    I have taught clean up are mess ,and if there's more pick that up to.I hate seeing the piles of trash in the fields.
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    Weekend fun

    They are just open fields. No permission needed YET.
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    Weekend fun

    After a break from turkey hunting, we decided to get down to business. Headed out to the valley for some early fun with my oldest daughter. Fun shoot ended with 23 euros for the morning. Nice weather not to hot yet. Left by 8:30 and was only 95. .
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    Worng birds

    Keep at, one day it will all come together. Some guys go years without seeing or hearing anything, so your ahead of the game.
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    New hog eradication, er hunting technique

    That's one way to get it done.:eek:
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    Euro mount skull...dipped in paint

    DIFFERENT that's for sure