deer hunting

  1. M

    New hunter - D13 deer tags

    Hey everyone, I’m almost as new hunting as I am to SCH so I just had a couple questions. Went out for the first time last year for turkey and was late to the game but got pig and deer tags for D13 in SoCal. I hear it’s not that great, but I have a friend who got a buck in 13 last year. Any...
  2. Res4cue

    Newbie for elk/ axis buck rifle recommend?

    Hello. I am a newbie hunter. Few kills for food, but nothing worth mounting. I am planning a trip to Texas in November for a white tail and possibly an axis buck. The ranch that I hunted on this past week said that a 6.5 Creedmoor is not enough for an axis buck 200 yds out. I will also be...
  3. KThor

    Hot Weather Tips

    Hi all, Anyone got some good tips for hunting in the desert when it is still hot as heck? Going to D12 this weekend for archery opener and forecast is triple digits. Other than staying home, what do you think?
  4. KThor

    A31 Tag Partner

    Hey all, Wondering if there is anyone out there who hasn't filled their A31 tag yet that wants to partner up? I have a good spot scouted out that I would like to let rest from rifle season. I have seen lots of good sized does and I bet there are some big bucks that made it through the...
  5. H

    D11 Coming Up and I've got 10/14 Off

    I was hoping to get out there on opening day but prior obligations have me locked down. Luckily, my boss is giving us 10/14 off but now I've got no one to watch my 6 and vice versa. Anyone need a wingman? This is my 1st year so don't expect much from me. I've got 3 spots I've seen some...
  6. S

    Punched in the face

    So here's the rest of the story from a thread started in the General forum (Hunter vs landowner). Last week I was confronted and accused by a local land owner in the Eagle Peak Rd area (approx between mile marker 4 and 5) of trespassing on his land while I was deer hunting. Figured I'd post...
  7. M

    New to Hunting/New to California General Info

    Just want to thank you all in advance to the time and any advice given. Long story short I recently moved here from Maryland. I've never gotten the opportunity to hunt and it's been something I've wanted to do for some time as I genuinely enjoy the outdoors. I'm working on getting myself a...

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