new hunter

  1. J

    Hello all! New hunter here looking for someone who could possibly help get me started.

    Hey everybody, good to be here where it seems there’s actual people with actual knowledge. I live in the Santa Clarita/Acton area, and I’ve been having trouble understanding where I can actually hunt. I’m not asking for any bodies secret spots or anything, but more to see if there’s someone...
  2. S

    First year hunter

    Anyone around Ventura county willing to show the ropes to a new guy i went deer hunting by myself but had no luck i went quail hunting as well but nothing want to go again but i dont have a starting point any advice would be helpful.
  3. M

    New hunter - D13 deer tags

    Hey everyone, I’m almost as new hunting as I am to SCH so I just had a couple questions. Went out for the first time last year for turkey and was late to the game but got pig and deer tags for D13 in SoCal. I hear it’s not that great, but I have a friend who got a buck in 13 last year. Any...
  4. D

    New hunter

    Hi I’m Corey I’m 21 I live in Ventura ca and I’ve always wanted to get into hunting but never had in friends or family into the tradition themselves so I’ve finally made a resolution this year and made myself legal and prepared to become an advid hunter and make great hunting partner relation...
  5. H

    All you spots are belong to me. (I dont want ur spots)

    So new hunter here, hello all. I'm new to hunting and obviously here to learn. So to start with short back story. I've been infatuated with hunting since elementary school. Kids were excused for up to 2 weeks to deer hunting, and I love venison. Until now I have not had the opportunity to hunt...
  6. G

    New to All this... kinda

    Hey guys.. and girls, I am new to the site and wanted to introduce my self. i have never really been hunting before or at least in CA. i went hunting in New York one morning.. and i have fished. now i am looking into air rifle hunting for jackrabbits. I have read many things about it, including...
  7. SocalAL

    New to hunting, not the outdoors

    Hello all, The name is AL, I've grown up in socal my hole life. Spent large amounts of time camping and fishing in places like Yosemite and Yellowstone. I do a lot of hiking up in Azusa/ Angeles National Forest/ la Canada flintridge area , and I plan on doing a good amount of turkey/...
  8. M

    New to Hunting/New to California General Info

    Just want to thank you all in advance to the time and any advice given. Long story short I recently moved here from Maryland. I've never gotten the opportunity to hunt and it's been something I've wanted to do for some time as I genuinely enjoy the outdoors. I'm working on getting myself a...

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