243 Varmint Ammo?


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Jul 29, 2012
Anyone know where I can buy varmint ammo in a 243? I have gone to a few gun and ammo stores and the lightest ammo I can find is 80gr. Should I try looking online? Or should I settle for an 80gr bullet?
Hornady makes a 58gr 3750fps VMax round. search for it online you will find them.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

I wonder what makes hornady such a great varmint round?
humm such a great round? Great will depend on how it shoots out of your gun. The Vmax bullets are very effective on small critters. they are frangible meaning on contact they blow up into lots of lil bits. They fly nice out of my 204 but no clue if they will perform well out of your gun. If you want pelts they might not be the best to use since they can make massive exit wounds.

Your gun probably has more twist in the barrel than the 58gr vmax would need. The idea that best accuracy is had with just enough spin and not to much or to little. Test them out and see how they fly.

Oh I see...so my next question would be, how would an 80gr Soft nose react on impact? Seeing that that round would be the most available/affordable to me.

PS. I really appreciate you explaining this to me. I'm taking this new hobby on my own.
619 your load should be based off of what you want to do with the animal once it is downed. If you want to save the pelt or have it mounted try to find a solid or 100% copper bullet if you just want to kill it and give it your best DRT shot green bullets and ballistic tips are the ticket. I personally shoot Barnes triple shocks during bobcat and fox season and varmint grenades when I'm just coyote hunting. The hornady v max is a great shooting bullet but will destroy most pelts. The 80 grn soft point you asked about will frag most likely and with the bullet weight on a light animal such as a fox it may not be salvageable if that is your intent. Good luck.
Yeah vmax's do damage for sure. That's 32 gr at 4250fps
if you get some soft point ( SP ) bullets try them out. A lot of folks will say they damage to much hide on the exit wound. The IDEA is to kill your critters so damage is a good thing. GO hunt and try all kinds of ammo.
My youngest loads his 6mm Rem with Barnes 70gr varmint grenades @ 3500+ when they hit a ground squirrel there is only the head and tail left intact, We have not tried them on yote's yet but I suspect that hit properly they wont take another step, obviously the pelt quality is nil so if you intend to mount the critter I would suggest a solid at close range with surgical placement.
Thanx for everything you guys. Its been a lot of help picking your brians. I am so excited to get out there already but I have to save some money to buy my equipment so that I can do it right and actually see some action and not get yelled at by my wife for spending money hahaha. A lot of websites did say it was addicting...

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