Mar 3, 2011
Hey everyone looking into reloading 270 wsm with the 26 inch barrel the Barnes TSX & nossler partition have been the bullets i keep going back to for weight retention. just wondering if any one has worked with these guys and what you think.

Great cartridge regarding a round that shoots flat in a short action gun. You will find that almost all offerings in the .270 WSM will come with a 24" barrel not a 26". The reason is because the cartridge has a short fat powder column and generally holds about 60-65 grains of powder. I would definitely shoot 130's out of it.
Thank's NBK I have been doing a lot of research for that round and thats all I come up with the gun is new Browning A bolt. Shoots great groups with core lokt dying to know what it will do with something fine tuned. This will be my first reloading adventure for month's I have been studying manuals for knowledge and safety for a few years I've wanted to reload and this unbelievably priced round pushed me to it.

Thank's again.
I already have the rifle it is a Browning a bolt in 270 wsm 26 inch barrel and 1-10 twist it is for my wife she for some reason does not mind the recoil tried to talk her in to 243 but she liked the power. The only thing i see her shooting is deer and pigs.
There are a lot of good bullets out there to try but I would start with the 130 gr TTSX. This bullet will do anything you are going to ask of it from pronghorns to elk.

Powder I'm a 4350 fan but allot of guys on here are going to say go with the RL 19. Be prepared to spend some time at the range because you will more than likely have to do some fine tuning with powder charges to get the accuracy you will want.
Be prepared tp try a couple different bullets. some rifles dont like the solid copper bulets, I have friend who has a 270 wsm and his did not like the Barnes but would shoot the lead bullets very well. I like to pick a couple of likely powders and two different bullets work up some loads and compare.
Thanks Snake charmer & lungpopper I plan to pick 2 bullets and work from the middle of min and max and see what i come up with. I'm sure this will take a lot more time than I know but will be cool to learn.
Thank's again
I always start with the minimum charge and work up, yes you might not get the velocity you're wanting but accuracy is generally first and foremost especially with a long reaching cartridge like the 270 wsm. I just finished working up a load for a 257 Weatherby, it preferred the smaller charges when it came to accuracy and in the end I had the rifle shooting under 1" groups at 100 which translated into 3"-4" groups at 400. I'll take a loss in velocity if I can get rifle to shoot like that.

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