3rd gobbler down!


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Mar 1, 2011
Well went out and bagged my third gobbler, ending my turkey season pretty early. The morning started out exciting but cold as hell. I had hens yelping pretty aggressively and yelping back at me at a good rate. As every one knows, that drives gobblers nuts. Now the spot I been hunting has been getting pressured pretty good with at least 3 other regulars attempting to get this gobbler with a distinct short gobble. He has eluded me once where he came to about 20 yards behined me. I hunted this place at least 5 times and this morning he tried to do the same thing.... well he did do the same thing by coming into about 15 yards behind me. I could hear him strutting and drumming but cant move at all.

After he moves off, I get several other gobble from behind and this time I called in a couple of jakes and two hens. They hung around me at about 10 yards for about 15 minutes. After the small flock moved off, I started soft calling again and got the attention of another hen. She came in and hung around a bit and off she went. I gave thre yelps on my box call and off in the distance I got a short sharp gobble. I didnt think any thing by it and just sat there giving soft calls here and there. Not 10 minutes after the last gobble, I see a red head pop up out of the brush and out comes the majestic gobbler I been chasing since opening day. he see's my dekes and do a half ass strut and stat to walk off so I get into position as he goes behined a brush and give a sharp cutt to get him to stop. Right as he stops, I fire off a round and down he goes.

Final stat: 11inch beard, 1 1/16 inch spurs, and 21 pounds.


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Now I'm available to help other folks get their birds. I'm taking a first time turkey hunter out on Sunday but that's about t so far but in also going to go after the piggies until the foxtails are in full swing.
Thanks guys! Looks like I'm now booked with first time hunters till the end of the season. I remember the days in the early 90's when SD turkey hunters were few and far between but I was able to hunt with a number of mentors back then and now I'm trying to do my part to give back. As fun and exciting it was to take the three gobblers, I get the most enjoyment seeing kids like Brandon hear their first gobbling turkey at o'dark thirty. I wish there were more people like Fred and Tracey who open their property up to our next generation of hunters. I hope both of my sons will one day become better hunters then me and maybe they will take me out hunting.
Thanks! Took two newbies out today and called in a big bird. Unfortunately the gobbler hung up at 20 yards behind a pine tree with low hanging branches. All we saw was a long beard and heard him drum and spit. It was a great morning though, that bird gobbled all morning and even triple gobbled several times.

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