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Feb 21, 2012
Hi everyone. I am new to the site and new to california hunting. I am a bow hunter and as you can see from my username I am int the Marine Corps and am stationed on Camp Pendleton. My question for you is is where is the hunting at down here? Not looking for anyones honey holes or secret spot just some general info. Also does anyone know if military qualify for a resident tag and how do i go about getting my license and tag. Looking on the website it seems like its an application process for a deer tag. Any info would help. Thanks

Semper Fi,

Trevor Smith
may need to go to a sporting goods store to get on the licence system for the 1st time but here is a link for online sales

Hunting seasons & regulations

popular place local to us that is archery only

and you have the larger Cleveland national forest

Not sure if you will need to take a CA hunters safety course to get your licence or not...

Hope this helps & welcome.

You should look into hunting the base. Some of the biggest deer in the county were killed up there.

D-16 A-22 you can buy over the counter(Walmart or Big 5) G-13 G-10 M-6 you will have to apply for the draw.
If you buy a D-16 and an A22 you can hunt from first Sat in Sept to Dec 31. There will be a one week break just before General season starts so check the dates on your calender.
If you are the kind of bow hunter that wants to hang a stand look into Palomar mountain or the Lagunas.

Thank you for serving our country.
Thanks for the replies guys the info helps. Also looking at the regs I didn't see anything that requires a min grain requirement for arrows is there any?
No grain requirement.
Bow must be able to launch an arrow 135 yards.
1" min diameter for a broadhead.
Mech are ok.
If you need a pro shop check out The Bow&Arrow Shop in Lakeside.
I am origanlly from Washington state and we have a grain requirement of 6 grains per pound of draw weight. In the popular hunting areas the gammies check people a lot. If you do get stopped here how do they know your arrow can travel that far? And are lighted nocks legal to hunt with?
Being active in the military you have the option of hunting vanderberg AF base as well, i have a few friends that hunt there and they take pigs every year and say the dear hunting is awesome its a bit of a drive from Camp Pendleton but not too bad about 4 hours maybe. If you didnt already have a license you would need to take hunters safety but sounds like you already have one from you previous residence so that will work for you here. If you ever looking for a place to shoot 3D to tune up shoot me a PM I go to as many as i can so Im aware of most of them in the area.
CaliCreole i sent you a pm but not sure if it went through but i would like to do some 3D shoots so any info you can provide would help. thanks
Welcome aboard!

I'm not certain but I think lighted nocks are ok. I couldn't find anything in the regs when I looked but I can't see why not.

And if you're really itchin' to put something down, check out the guides section and see what local opportunities there are for guided hunts. I know Dougs Wilderness Adventures is about 2 hours from you but from the looks of it, bowhunters are pretty successful out there.

Good luck!
thanks for the advice guys it really helps. where is a good place to find good topo maps of the a-22 area? Also do i have to apply for a tag or just go in and pruchase it?
There is a couple good organized 3-D shoots each month.They are on the first sunday and second saturday each month.The next one is on the 4th at Balboa park.It cost $15.00 to shoot,great course with 28 targets from 20 to 60yrds. there is also a range at Pendleton across the street from the mechanized musium.If you want to shoot on the 4th give me a yell,you can meet me and my buddies there.Ill PM you my e-mail address.

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