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May 17, 2018
San Diego

Was working on Friday and my last stop the restaurant in Carlsbad Village was boarded up and a motorcycle cop on the corner posted in front. I pulled my truck over and asked if it was safe to assume they were closed for the day and he said yes and that there was suppose to be a big protest which I had already seen groups of people gathering in parking lots around the area..I told him thanks for the heads up and asked how he was doing. I could tell I caught him off guard with the question but he took and second and said he's doing okay. I told him I appreciated him for what he does and to be safe...just like there are bad hunters out there who shit up the woods and break rules and make us who clean up after ourselves and don't break rules look bad there are some bad cops out there that make all the good ones look bad..and most of the time they are only just taking orders from above.

Remember to stop and ask how an LEO's day is going..they gotta deal with regular shit like we all do then try and leave it at home and do their job in high stress situations..

For those not familiar with Jocko he's a former Navy Seal commander and now resides in San Diego. He hosts a podcast and is also a Jiu jitsu instructor at a local gym.
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Oct 16, 2013
on the mountain
I Have walked up to them and shake their hand, and they took the hand shake.
at my ex temporary work at the rest stop at Buckman springs, they would stop and talked to me for 15 minutes more or less.
most lived in the local area, alpine, campo, el cajon. they are just doing their job.
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