A three way with Venison


Nov 4, 2018
A Good hunting buddy gave me some venison so I decided to make it three ways

First was taking the loin S&P overnight, wrapped in bacon. Baked it until crispy and done
Venison Bacon 1.jpg

2nd up I did one of my favorite tri tip recipes : took a piece of back strap, put lemon and brazilian salt, let it sit over night and grilled it and covered it with a chimichurri.
Venizon Brazilian.jpg

I'm a sucker for Pastrami, so I took a piece from the hind leg and corned it for 4 days. Then baked it and finished it in a steamer. Served on Whole grain bread, with Russian dressing and hot mustard.Venison Pastrami.jpgVenison pastrami meat.jpg

This was my first time cooking with venison so i'm really surprised at how tasty the meat is. Gotta be careful not to over cook it and always use a temperature gauge but man, it's tasty!

My favorite was the brazilian way, the herbs and citrus really bring out the texture of the meat, but the Pastrami was a total surprise. It wasn't as fatty as a normal piece of pastrami, but all the wonderful flavor was there. If I were to do it again, i'm making an au jus and doing more of a french dip kind of thing with horseradish dressing.