A Zone Buck On The Opener (See FULL Story on front page of site - link provided)


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Apr 5, 2012
Orange County
See Full Story on front page of Website!


Hey guys,

Haven't posted much on this forum but I finally got something to talk about. Was up in Zone A for the Archery opener this last weekend and got this buck within 45 yards spot and stalk. Could not pass him up being that I have never shot a buck in velvet. Had many failed attempts on deer and missed one buck after judging the distance 10 yards short. But finally was able to make it happen. Saw some real good deer up there blew a stalk on a real nice 4x4 bedded at 15 yards. Notice the empty quiver....thats what happens when you shoot a target with your hunting arrows and don't realize they are blowing through into the rocks behind it. All in all had a great weekend and stoked to have some meat in the freezer. Now moving on to my A22 tag and it will be my first time hunting down south in san diego so we will see how that goes I got some looking to do! If anyone wants to point me in the right direction it seems as if you all know the area pretty well! Best wishes looking forward to seeing some good bucks up here this season! Adios



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Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener

Very cool , I believe you shot the first buck of the year on here "CONGRATS"!

I didn't realize there was a zone that opened in July, learn something every day.

Hopfully you can enter it in the contest.
Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener

He is eligible for the contest. Rules of engagement will be out iun the next two weeks or less. We need a photo of the buck or head with the tag...

Great Job Taylor!!! It is the first SCH buck of the season...
Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener

Thanks guys! The tag is on the buck in the lower pic i just believe you can't see it due to the lighting! Ill check out the regulations for the contest when they are posted!
Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener

Early season archery buck down! Outstanding ! T.Hock is on the board ! Congrats!

The A zone is huge. I hunted the northern part in the redwoods 2 years ago. Were you in the northern or southern range?
Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener

Doug you kill me, I know where you got that a avatar pic. I wish I would have thought of that, I can't stop laughing.
Re: A Zone Buck On The Opener (See Story on front page of Website - link provided)

nice thats the way to get the season rolling

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