Another California buck 2010


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
My buddies' Fred and Henry showing off Henry's X9A buck. Taken with a 6.5-06...not too shabby.


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Great buck! Congradulations to your friends.

Doesn't surprise me though. From what I have seen and heard the X9A is California's premier zone for trophy deer. I put in four times for rifle but couldn't get drawn. I opted out for an X7b tag and got skunked.
Keep putting in John. You will get it. Its worth it if you don't get drawn to take the point. You can usually get it with one or two points (sometimes no points). We have a good spot. Henry shoots a nice deer every time he draws the tag. Get the tag and I will show you the deal.
You will draw for sure next year. Put in for G3 Goodale Buck, or G39 Round Valley late season Buck for your first choice and then X9A for your second. If you don't get an incredible tag, you will get a great tag for sure.

If you draw any of the above, I will help you on the hunt. We can tow my trailer up and and rip on a 30" buck. I currently have 5 points for deer. So I am only putting in for G3 and G39.

X9A = big buck ;D
NBK said:
My buddies' Fred and Henry showing off Henry's X9A buck. Taken with a 6.5-06...not too shabby.

Nice lookin buck!

WOW! They must have had early snow and they shot that late in the season, I've hunted X9A at least 5 times and never had fresh snow. Didn't get drawn this year w/2 Pt's, but should get it next year w/3. Good zone to hunt, we filled 4 out of 5 tags in 08'.
Yes it is an awesome area and has some reel bruiser bucks for sure. I am holding out for the G3 Goodale Buck, or G39 Round Valley late season Buck. Henry draws the X9 tags about every two years. He has kill a 27" or better buck almost every time he has drawn.
Either one of those tags would be an unbelievable score, you might have a long wait, do you have max points? I think it's 9 now. My nephew drew the round valley Jr. hunt the 1st or 2ND year they offered it... have some video of some monsters. Good luck with the draw. You will harvest trophy.
I have 6 points in California. I don't mind waiting - like you said "there's gold in them' hills"!
I love those guys, that place it's amazing; so when are we going there bro?
Hey are Fred and Henry on the forum? Let's invite them they are really great guys and I'll love to have them here telling us all their hunting stories.

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