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Sep 26, 2018
something I always do and have not read here yet is... tell someone where are you going to be... I leave a printed map with marks with the wife at home. Also I leave a map in my truck's dashboard facing out marking where I am.
Using onX I take a screen shot while I am set and send it to my wife or a friend too.
I have been in the field solo like many here... I want someone to find me if I get hurt.
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Nov 28, 2018
West Garden Grove
Thanks again Gdog, those X-ray's look painful!
Had to hike back out... then drive my car the full length of the 605, little of the 405, then back home.

I debated seeking care in Azusa. But then I realized.. poop... if I do that.. then Mama and the boy would have to wait for the meds to wear-off from Daddy before Daddy could then drive *his* truck home. So they'd be trapped there waiting on me. So I called ahead to Mama and gave her my insurance info and told her to start calling around to see where we should go once I returned.

Driving on the fwy with a shattered wrist is an interesting experience.
Welcome to the site. Over the years I have found it very useful, and I hope you wild find it that way also.

Glad to see you backpack and bow hunt. You should be able to use this to your advantage to get back where other are not.

Happy hunting, and don't be afraid to post. You are among friends.