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May 8, 2012
Good morning gentlemen(and possibly ladies),

My name is Christopher Ruiz, and I am active duty stationed at MCAS Miramar. I found the site using google after CADFG's website wasn't as helpful or informative as I had hoped(that or I just really suck at navigating it). I have never been game hunting before, but ever since I was young, my grandfather has always told me he would take me hunting. Go figure, never happened. Well now I am somewhat grown(debatable), and really want to get into hunting. I was sort of skimming the your forum and seen varmint hunting actually interested me because I have no clue what to do when it comes to dressing and prepping game for consumption. Currently I have 2 pistols, 1 chambered in .40 and one in .45, I built 1 AR15 and am building 2 more, I built an AR10 variant chambered in .308 and I just picked up a Remington 870. I know my arsenal may be a little under powered, but I am satisfied with those bore sizes while I test the waters. Any and all help, suggestions, or advice is greatly appreciated. I will be trying to learn as much as I can by reading old posts before submitting my own. Thank you for your time and allowing me permission to utilize this forum.


Christopher Ruiz
WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! Chris ....One thing I can tell you for sure... YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, this forum is packed with experienced hunters that will be more then happy to help you enjoy this amazing activity. All members of the forum are like family to each other we are a strong group of friends that welcomes anybody that wants to be part of this great activity, by the end of the day you will receive a bunch of welcome messages and people ready to help you. I hope you enjoy as much as I do to be part of this great group.


Santiago Cohen (Papi)
Thank your for your welcoming. It is greatly appreciated. I am excited to start on this expedition. From what I have gathered, one of the first things I need to do is to take a hunters safety course, which I will do once I can spare the money.
Thank you sir. I enjoy building rifles when I have the money. I saw on another post that a good amount of you gentlemen seem to be located in the San Diego area? I work down there, but I live in a little place called Menifee, near Murrieta and Temecula. I am not too familiar with the rules and regulations on different seasons and such, but if anyone may be interested, I may be up to paying for some first hand guidance/experience(sort of like a tag-a-long). I wouldn't mind and would probably be pretty content providing some varmint eradication for a while. ;)
Welcome aboard GD! I hope you enjoy the board. There are so great folks on this forum and it is growing every day!
NBK said:
Welcome aboard GD! I hope you enjoy the board. There are so great folks on this forum and it is growing every day!

Thank you sir. Much appreciated
Welcome aboard GD! never hunted before? not much to hunt this time of year but rabbit season opens in July. get your hunter safety and license and you're welcome to come out to our ranch and shoot a couple ground squirrels for practice and a bunny or two to consume. P.S. I'll show you how to clean the rabbit. give us a call at 760782 0728. ask for Fred..
Welcome to the forum! I have already learned a ton!

I have read a ton of good reviews about the Hunter Safety Course offered by Dougs Wilderness Adventures in Santee. It is very affordable as well, 20 dollars IIRC. I plan on signing up for the one in May.
Thank you all kindly. I will have to look more into Doug's wilderness adventures. Thank you for the offer Snake Charmer. I am slated to go to a course at 29 Palms for about 7 weeks, and then possibly recruiters school right after. Hopefully I will have some time in between to take the course and get out there.
Welcome to the Forum !

That's a great offer from Snake Charmer. Go A-WALL and go hunting............ J/K Thanks for your service.
BuckHunter said:
Welcome to the Forum !

That's a great offer from Snake Charmer. Go A-WALL and go hunting............ J/K Thanks for your service.

It is indeed a great offer. And as tempting as going awol sounds, the point of this desert class in the middle of the summer is career enhancement. Lol. But no really, I would love to more than most would understand. That kind of hospitality and generosity is rare. I appreciate you all who support the military as well. Both of those instances are rare these days. Thank you
GD welcome, and thank you for your service. I'm kind of new to hunting also and this is a great group. Full of great info. Good luck.
Hello all. I am back and I have my HSC. I am ready to do some hunting. Does anyone have any day or morning trip ideas? Snake charmer, does the offer you made still stand?
josec said:
it wasnt sarcasm. i meant good luck hunting this yr. ::)

Ok well thank you kindly. I didnt want to assume. I forget that this forum is the only nice, good group of people around. People on other forums aren't very nice. Sorry if i came across wrong. Good luck to you as well.

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