Antelope 2011


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Mar 2, 2011
I got to Oklahoma Wed. afternoon. Went out to check the blind that I would be using. There were 3 antelope there, 1 big, 1 medium and 1 small. We backed out & planned on coming back early the next morning.

The next morning we were in the blind less than 10 minutes and the medium one walks by at 40 yards. If I had my bow I would have taken him but not with my rifle. I knew there was a bigger one around so I let it walk. About 20 minutes later I spotted the big one but he was on the neighbors’ property and there’s a hunter between us. After about 2 hours another antelope walks up @ 89 yards but I let that one pass because I want the big one. But he’s still on the neighbors’ property. About 1 ½ hours later I spotted the little one on the neighbors property. Then all of a sudden a truck comes down the road and shoots the little one right from the window of the truck. They pull onto the property gut it and throw it in the back of the truck. Then they spot the big one so they pulled back onto the road to get closer and shoot the big one from the truck also. This time they didn’t even gut it they just threw it in the truck and hauled ass. F…n Poachers! We meet up with the other hunter & he called Fish and Game and gave them a description of the truck. I hope they get caught!!

The hunt is over in this area so we went to check out some other properties. We ended up going to my great-grandparents farm that is now owned by my great uncle. We pulled up on a section of wheat and spotted an antelope about a mile away. We make a plan to put a sneak on this antelope. My uncle and I used a decoy that looks like a cow (We called it the cow pig). We walked with the decoy in front of us over ¾ of a mile. Get 208 yards from the antelope set up and the 338 drops him in his tracks. He never took a step.

Even with the big one being poached it was still awesome to take an antelope on my great- grandparent’s old ranch.

It was a great hunt.


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Nice work and great report. That goat looks big to me. You say'n the other one was bigger than that?

That is just awesome that you got him on your great- grandparent’s old ranch.

Nice work Lungpopper! Looks like a very nice buck. Interesting story too. (Damn poachers.) Its good to have relatives in the mid-west isn't it?

Love the Angus decoy. BTW- Is that Jim Zumo in the background?
Great photo. I had no doubt that you would hook up. Good to see you brought enough gun! ;D

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