Anybody ever call the DFG on somebody?


Oct 25, 2011
I was out on a mountain when I saw 2 guys cross over a fence to private property. I debated calling and checked my phone and it was dead from trying to find a signal so I couldnt have called if I wanted to. Honestly I am not sure I would have. What do you guys think? have any of you ever turned in another hunter? what happened?
I did last year. We called DFG and they showed up in just a few minutes. We met up with them and pointed the guys out and they headed their way. I never heard what happened.
yep, overheard some locals at the market in Santa Ysabel talking about a buck thay shot out of season about a year ago so I went outside and copied the license number and gave dfg a call. because I didnt have a location all they could do was find out who owned the truck and possibly keep an eye on them.

Had couple of hunters on my property for turkey season two years ago, told them if they found a fence do not cross as it would put them on the neighbors land also told them not to shoot jakes as they are stupid and no challenge to hunt they agreed and went off to hunt about an hour later my neighbor ( Rick Morretti) is out in my driveway and he's raging mad. the two knuckleheads heard some birds and went over to investigate, as best as I could piece together one of them shot over the fence and ran over to grab the birds, well as luck would have it Rick was out at his barn which is a clear shot from my property and heard and saw one of the hunters shoot at the birds. Rick came over confronted them took their guns away and called dfg they were quick to show up. The one hunter tried to claim he had wounded one was simply trying to stop it from getting away and the other hunter said he had shot his at the same time on my property. None of it made much sense and the warden wasnt buying it so guess what ? bird confiscated and trespassing ticket written because they couldnt prove bith birds were taken on the other property the other hunter who I later found out didnt shoot at all was allowed to keep his bird. bottom line with me is they will never be allowed on my property again. This kind of stuff can cause bad blood between neighbors so understand when someone kets you hunt their property you are representing the landowner and it is imperitive you be on your best behavior.

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