AZ Cam pic and weekend of scouting


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
This buck has walked by the game cam twice now. We finally got a glimpse of him through the spotting scope Saturday evening. He was feeding with three other doe's. A great buck but not quite what we are looking for. The quest continues. We have put a few plans together for opener and we have 5 days left of scouting. There are 3 more areas that we think will pan out so we are heading back out this Tuesday night after a San Diego morning hunt. I will not come back home until we have a big buck on the ground

The season opens this Friday... ;D


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Hey John that was a great experience, a lot of hard work but hopefully we'll bring a great trophy from AZ; here are some pictures of our little adventure I hope you guys like them..... Barry, Rusty, John you guys rock, my kids had a great time, thanks for taking them scouting and quail hunting they had a blast. I'm sure you guys will come back with an AZ monster; you just wait!


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Looks like you guys had a good time. It's great you took the kids out too. I bet you got to shoot some cans with your kids in AZ.
Yeah we had a blast specially the kids, I'm so glad we took all of them. Of course we went to shoot some cans my man! it's AZ. I also got to see a cowboy horseback riding with his 44 Mag. in a beautiful holster; now that's what I'm talking about.
Thank you for your comments Darryl I'm glad you like the pictures.
Yea the Elk Hamburgers were amazing Barry and Rusty did a great job. Don't forget about Rusty's delicious quails they were over the top. And of course that steak you made John the first night was fantastic. I wish I had you guys back when I was with the Scouts.
teachanother said:
Yes. Good times indeed. How did the ladies like the trip?

Hahaha I checked the GPS tracker on my wife's car and it looks like I'm good ;D Just kidding!

Well I think my wife really enjoyed not having deal with the three of us for couple days, that's for sure!
No Women on that trip...wife does like to go. We will be heading back out soon for the 2012 scouting as soon as the Arizona draw results come out of hiding!

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