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Oct 12, 2014
FINALLY waterfowl season has ended. Time to hunt Barbary. Packed up and headed to New Mexico as soon as kid is dropped off at school. Might be a mess on freeways with the rain, hoping to get to Las Cruces tonight and camp tomorrow. Send good vibes, 30"+ ram or bust!
Guides are cool..well..some of them are ..good luck dude..I like Aoudad..
Good luck ! I wish I was hunting right now. Perfect time to hunt when everything is slow.
Trip out was exciting, I get to Indio and see my "water in fuel filter " light come on, the dashboard says reduced power. Go to Fiesta Ford, but they say it will be 4 hours till its even seen. Call about 50 places and no one has time. Finally find a place, dude looks at it , says sensor broke, but no parts available anywhere. Glues it back together, light goes off, lose about an hour of time, but it worked out. Made it to Las Cruces, Barbary camp by noon tomorrow hopefully!
Not the best..but this dude loved it! He's well fed for sure .lol

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Make him Dead yet Dude?? Updates!!!!! Laying around doing absolutely Nothing...need Fluff!!
Finally made it back after 5 days of cliffs, rocks, cactus, 50 mph winds, rain and snow! Great time.

Day 1 arrived to a windstorm and snow flurries, went out late in afternoon, didn't see a thing. Back to camp for ribeye dinner. Went to sleep to the sound of 40-50 mph winds beating the tent.

Day 2 &3 headed out and glassed countless areas, hiked into and up canyons, winds stayed really high all day. Either the winds or us, but no sheep either day. Saw a few areas with lots of poop and beds, but that was it.

Day 4 wind FINALLY was gone and we headed out. Immediately started seeing sheep. First few groups were small rams and ewes, so we kept on. We finally find a group of 13 rams headed down a draw, so we watched them for about 30 minutes till we saw where they bedded. There was a shooter ram in the group, so we headed up a wash towards them. As we were going up the wash we find 2 sitka jackets and a pack, and realized there must be someone else on the same group. We move closer and finally see 2 guys up ahead, so sit and glass as they moved in and one of them shot the big ram. Good for them, but still disappointing. The group of rams went up and back into some steep canyons, so we figured we'd hike in there the following morning. That afternoon went back to a place we had seen lots of sign, but only turned up ewes.

Day 5
Hiked way back to where the rams had gone day before. Steeeeep terrain away from any roads. Super cool hunt, but didn't find any rams, just ewes and babies.

Last day woke up to high winds, so packed up camp, hunted for about and hour, started raining so headed home.

Minus not getting a big ram I absolutelyoved the experience and will be putting back in to go back.

The pic of the horse shoe was found about 300 yards away from a bedded ewe. Evidently her lucky horse shoe, not mine, lol.


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Wind, rain, snow, cactus, what more could one ask for. It does sound like a good time. Next time.

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