Big game kill kit/emergency kit


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Jan 1, 2014
I wasn’t sure where to post this but thought it would be some cool good info for other to consider.

I decided I was going to make my buddy and I an emergency kit/kill kit. Him and I already had most of the items just a few things were needed; but here is a overall list as well as some recommend products I have found to be better quality then most.

-kill kit / first aid

•sack (from seek outdoors, 1.5L and a 4L pouch 1 ounce each)

•cloth/rag (any rag or piece of small cloth that you can use to stop bleeding or just clean your hands off with if need be.)

•Wipes (grime boss wipes seem to be better then most to clean off the dried on blood and what not just nice to have to clean your self off if your camping.)

•trauma pak w quick clot (you can find these on amazon for pretty cheap and if you were to get seriously injured could save your life.)

•emergency blanket

•bone saw that collapse (good for cutting small branches if you needed to start a fire or bone of a animal.)

•havalon knife w/ spare blades

•knife/blade removers for havalon knife so that your less likely to cut yourself in the middle of no where.

•regular knife in case you run out of blades for your havalon knife.

•latex gloves to gut or clean an animal

•trash bags to clean trash up or lay the quartered our meat before you game bag it. Also you can use the trash bags to go over your game bags once you get to the truck and put the meat on ice but don’t want the moisture or liquid of the ice melting to get to it. The game bags let the meat breath and the trash bag keeps moisture and water away.

•paracord just never know when you need it.

•first aid kit (also on amazon for cheap. Just a small one you can’t have enough stuff with you for anything that could happen so get the key stuff.)

•electrical tape to fix something or wrap your tag on the antler or leg of animal.

•game bags I like caribou gear for game bags small, comes in a bag and fair priced, plus great quality.

•head lamp

•neck ear plugs I prefer the one that goes around your neck and you where while your hunting and then put them in right before you go to shoot.

•allergy and aspirin pills


This is what I have thought to be just about anything you could possibly need, while you can’t Cover every situation this will have you pretty much covered dang near anything that happens in the field. I am open to suggestions or thing that someone thinks should be added.

1.5L bag I put
Havalon knife plus blades
Regular knife
Havalon blade remover
Latex gloves
Bone saw
And electrical tape

All other items listed went into the 4L bag as well as the 1.5L bag.

My thought is you don’t want to get into your kill kit to get your head lamp because I would put my tags in there, so that they are there right after I kill and before I get started but you don’t want to open and close that bag anymore then you have to and possibly loose your tags.


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Nov 28, 2018
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Add Imodium and ZanTac to that list of meds. Also Zyrtec (oh wait, you did say allergy meds, my bad). And there's this over the counter chewables called Nauzene. IT's these Electrolytes that are supposed to help with Nausea feeling. So twofer since you need electrolytes during meat packout.

Also, I tell people now to pester their Dr to give them an Rx for a prescription strength pain-killer. I learned that lesson the hard way. Had a slip-and-fall while crossing a creek and shattered my wrist! Then had to hike my sorry a$$ back outta there. Would have really appreciated having it that day.

If your Dr gets sketchy about it then ask for at least some Tylenol #3's (the ones with the Codiene). They're much less likely to be hesitant about giving you those.


And in the kill kit.. include a number of 14" zipties. Much easier for strapping tag to antler. And can also be used to strap tag to hole pierced thru ear if it's a Doe tag.

Definitely the pocket/folding bone saw. Had some deadfall happen and block a very narrow and precarious part of my trail 2018. Had to bore a path thru these 3 damn trees so I wouldn't have to take undue risk and walk down and around off this steep soft cliff area. Also have an 11oz Elk Ridge pack hatchet that works fairly well, once you learn how to use it right. Wrapped Hockey-stick/Tennis-racket grip tape wrap around it's bare metal handle for no blisters!
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Nov 6, 2016
I listened to the hunting collection podcast about the guy that got mauled by a griz up on afognak island...Tourniquet was something that was brought up... not sure to many of us are in griz country a lot but then again you never know