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Mar 2, 2011
Going to send in one of my Bushnell trophy cameras tomorrow.I have had the camera for two years so I don't expect them to replace it.
Will be posting to let you guys know how good there customer service is.
Bushnell has been around along time. I would be surprised if you were anything but satisfied with the outcome. Looking forward to hearing the results.
Recieved my acknowledgement card from Bushnell today.

When you recieve the card it gives you information on how to track your repair with the website and they give you a Lab repair number.The card gives you a product recieved date.In my case the card said 3/13/12,
I went to the website with my Lab repair number and this was confirmed. (I sent the camera on the 6th)

Today is the 16th, they have had the camera three days and according to the website the repair has been made and they are preparing the camera for shipment.

I will let you guys know when they ship it back to me.
Checked the Bushnell Customer Service website today and looks like they have shipped the camera back. They give a UPS tracking number and according to that the camera should be back Wednesday.
OK got my camera back from Bushnell today.They didn't fix it, they sent me a letter saying.

(Since the cost to repair exceeds the replacement, this model is offered to you at a discount price of $122.88 Recomended model number 119436c.)

I just bought two of those models two weeks ago for $139.99 each at Sportsmans Warehouse.

I wish they would have got a hold of me before they sent me my old broken non repairable camera.
I would have paid them for a new camera and used the shipping that I paid for to ship the new one.
It would have saved some time and money. I will say if they can't fix it they will ship it back to you quickly.
I would definitely follow up with a call to someone who had decision making power. Let them know how disappointed you are etc.

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