CA results are up!!

It looks like the only thing that has been completed is the deer draw. Sheep, elk and Pronghorn are still pending...

I did not get my deer choice (G3).
No elk for me, but I did get my first choice deer (late season archery fort hunter ligget either sex) should be a good first archery season for me :D
Momma got a g13 & d16, and i'm still waiting on elk draw and and sheep point.
Didn't draw a damn thing. Do have a D16 tag though. More points - maybe next year?
Got my 1st choice for deer with a party of 5 for X9A, skunked on the Elk AGAIN!!! Maybe I'll go out of state for a OTC cow tag???

Any idea why the results were out so early?
X9a great hunt, get your up hill walking boots on and pray for weather to bring em down the mountain for you, Helped a buddy in 2010 kill a nice 4x5, we lucked out, the first week was so hot we didn't even go up there. The second week we decided to give it a try and were greeted with a storm that chased us off the mountain three days in a row (snow), on the fourth day we drove as far as the conditions would allow and walked in shin deep snow to gain another 2000 feet and were rewarded with deer coming off the mountain in a steady stream. I actually saw the biggest racked deer I've ever seen in my life, I didn't have a tag and it still gave me the shakes. He was coming our way but was far enough away that I wasn't sure we would see him again , as luck would have it the deer he shot showed up between me and my buddy while we were waiting, I radioed him and said you have to make a choice there's a nice one coming at you but there is a bigger one out there. He decided a bird in the hand was the choice and downed it with one shot from a 6.5-06
Saw the bird in the hand and it was a great deer. If the "Snake Charmer" says he saw a bigger deer than so be it. He knows his mule deer. Here is a quick pic of the deer Fred and Henry killed! Just in case anyone was wondering what diameter bullet killed the deer, it was a 6.5! Is there anything else more efficient?

For all of you young bucks - that is some high county you are seeing and those guys in the picture are 50+ and 70+ years old - so lets give them a round of applause! They are both killers in my book!!!!! ;D

Snake Charmer (Fred) will walk step for step with pretty much anyone I have ever hunted with!!!!


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Great story Fred and that's a nice mature Eastern muley, thanks for sharing. I have hunted X9A for years, the 1st time was 1988 or there abouts. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Bishop until 2 years ago and my older brother moved to Sunny slopes ( Tom's Place at Owens gorge rd. ) back in 1990, he and my two nephews are "Muley Crazy", its really nice when all the scouting is done before I show up. They have never broke the "30" monster yet but they have taken some 29" and 28" toads, I will try and get some pics to post.

As for getting up the mtn and praying for weather........There is some truth to that but don't over look the sage flats.
Only hunted it once but I saw the potential of the sage flats holding deer ( plus all the private land down low) with all the deer leaving the high places because of weather it could be very good. Tried to get the youngest a Round valley tag for a few years but he out grew his eligibility
I applied for x9a as well, but didn't draw s@#$ :mad: :mad: :mad: :( :( . But I did get my A22 again :D :D. I will also be purchasing a d-16 soon. Maybe nxt year I'll draw X9A. Thats two years in a row for me not drawing x9a. Maybe the third ones the charm. Good luck up in x9a.
If you don't have your local tags yet I wouldn't wait to long, they have been selling out early. You have a chance at X9A with 2 pts, guaranteed draw with 3 pts.
I received a letter from D F & G that I was drawn as and alternate for an Elk tag in the zone I applied for, what a tease.
Well better to be thought of than not. You never know...

My buddy "JustmyGame" was once drawn for an alternative sheep tag.

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