Calling all Bear Hunters


Sep 24, 2011
I am interested in bowhunting bear here in SOCAL but I have a few questions before I buy a tag.

1) What general areas in SOCAL gives you a decent opportunity? Looking for general area/zone to start.

2) Do any of you have recommendations for butcher cuts? Or should I focus on making sausage?

3) What am I really getting myself into? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION to me....
Don't know much about bear hunting but I think your only real choice in this part of the world is the San Gorgonio wilderness. Since you cannot bait them you would need to run them with dogs or spot and stalk. I understand that there are a few guides that have the dog power and knowledge to hunt the San Gorgonio
I've been out and I know people that have been successful. The only people that I know that have been successful use dogs. Few things to know, you cannot use dogs and a bow (if that was a thought). Black bears have incredible smelling and every time I've seen one it was gone before I could get within plain eyesight of it. If you still want to brave it check San Berdo mountains around the Running Springs or Forrest Falls area. Otherwise, I've had them walk into camp or cross the river within a hundred yards or so on multiple occasions when I've fished/packed the north fork of Kern river (not sure zone). Personally, I don't plan on heading out again anytime soon. To
many other fun things to focus on. Good Luck
thanks for the input guys.

@Dave, I was looking to hunt to bowhunt; I did some more research and its tough without dogs or baiting that is allowed in some states. I'm going to get all my ducks in a row and prepare for a bear hunt next year. Thanks again.
Bear hunting is tough. With no bait or dogs you will need to be lucky enough to have one walk by your stand. They are always on the move so spot and stalk is very hard to do. LA mountains D11 has lots of them but those mountains are straight up and down with little to no access to hunters. I have been lucky in D6 and the meat is great.

If you get one you need to treat the meat like it is pork, not deer. It spoils very fast, so don’t hang it in camp for a day. As fast as you can you want to skin it and get the meat on ice. Same with the hide if you want a mount or rug. Skin the head too. If you don’t keep the hide on ice the hair will fall out and ruin your mount.

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