Mar 1, 2011
East County, Ca
Ok, this is a discussing that people have talked about for years. This was brought back to my mind once I saw the post from threetoe saying he carries a CCW.

I know many people would love to have a CCW Permit. Many people talk how San Diego is so stringed that you would never be able to get one. I live in the Unincorporated part of San Diego and this is the form to fill out.

Every County is different. I would personally like to have one but then once you see the process it make you think is it all worth it.

So my question is this, if anyone here has a CCW and you feel comfortable speaking or writing about your process can you please enlighten us? There are a number of reasons available to get one
Get into Law Enforcement. All CCW's have to be approved by the Sheriff and right now it is a slim chance to get one unless you are a currier of jewelry or money, you have a reason (reason meaning some one is going to kill you) to need a concealed weapon, and other criterias for needing a CCW. Unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to get one.

Become a member and get ALL the info you need at...........

The site is divided into counties and this site shows EVERYTHING you need and the differences.

Right now is the best time EVER to apply.
Do it soon however because the socialists/democrat run legislature is about to make it tougher.

P.S. register and vote. California needs to get rid of the ones who have made this state the mess it is.

For you non political types..that is not the Republicans.
Matagi has it mostly correct. The most common CCW reason is dealing in significant amounts of currency, jewelry or firearms and travel with these items such as to trade shows or to make pick-up and deposits. Proof of this must be shown during the application process (cash deposit slips etc.). Note that these CCW's are only valid while engaged in the specified activity. You cannot carry on Saturday at the Padres game or New Years Eve while out with your companion or driving to the Valley on a hunt trip.

A Personal Protection CCW (can carry 24/7) is harder to get as it requires police reports documenting threats/victimization or specific reasons you may be targeted such as high profile politics, judges, reserve officers etc.

Anyone may interview with a licensing clerk at Sheriff's Office in Kearny Mesa. The clerk will inform you if it looks like you have enough reason to apply and you can go forward from there. The process can take up to 90 days and costs $107.63 initially (non-refundable) and $50.51 at time of approval.

No appointments are required right now, just walk in..

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