Changes in the West regarding Wolves


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
President Obama signed the budget bill into law last Friday which contained a rider that will de-list wolves within 60 days. The law makes the 2009 USFWS wolf de-listing rule valid and returns wolf management to the states. De-listing will include Idaho, Montana, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and northern Utah. The bill leaves the door open for de-listing in Wyoming in the future. It also includes language that removes judicial review thus stopping the lawsuits that have tied state agencies hands.
That's great news for the local elk there. Thanks for the update.
When I went to Montana in 09 the Outfitter was was saying that the wolves came into his area
just a few months before the season started and alot of elk had left the area.
I did'nt see any wolves,but there were fresh tracks and you could hear them howling at night.
A couple of buddies and I have a friend (Max Lapham) out of Dillon Montana that we hunted elk with about 10 years ago. We hunted with him for some time until the game presence just shut off like a spigot. It went from very predictable elk, moose and deer hunting to very poor unpredictable hunting. He attributes the change to wolves moving into the area.

What a sad state the uninformed wildlife activists have put local hard working economy driving folks in. Their stock has been pillaged along with their wildlife. What a mess they have made by reintroducing the wolf. They say that in a pack, wolves are the most efficient carnivores on earth. They are also ruthless regarding their ability to change the wildlife balance. I believe wolves have a place in the wildlife food chain and are part of the balance but when we go meddling, it has devastating effects.

I hope that the new legislation is managed correctly...

These are my express opinions derived from my experiences - I know less than most and half as much as some!
Well said John! They really made a mess out of things. They used hunters dollars to fund the project, and the wolves that were reintroduced were not even the original native species. Instead they planted a much larger wolf native to Northern Canada which really thrive down in the lower 48.

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