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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Hi Folks,

We certainly don't want to loose or disinterest our current members due to lack of activity. And we do understand the fact that there are many respectable hunting websites on the internet. I would like to give you all some interesting data (well I find it interesting). ???

Since about mid March this site was cleaned of all of the spammers and fake members (tall task). We made some changes to the forum board to hopefully add more interest and let everyone know that we want "your site" to be available for you to use in all hunting/camping and networking capacities. Currently we are trying to manage this site in a way that it can pay for itself. It does lack membership though. Its the people who are part of this site that can get it to grow. With that said, we will more than likely close the month with approximately 30,000 page views which is about 9,000 more than last month. We also know that out of the 30,000 views, only about 1000-1500 were erroneous spammers. With that said, there are a tremendous amount of folks lurking the forum without registering for an account. We are also starting to see the site ranking slowly creep forward in Google Analytics. This is all positive news.

We will create a registration banner on the main site page of SCH ( so it is more easily accessible. Hopefully this can boost registration and also participation.

Like I said in the past, this is your forum and you all have the strongest influence regarding success. More membership is the key. We will also figure out some kind of membership drive to propel interest.

Please take the time to add your ideas in the comments section of the forum. I read every single post and we are open to any and all ideas.

Thanks to all of you -

John and the SCH Staff

I am glad to hear that the site is getting that much activity monthly. I for one am going to try to add to the forum as much as I can. This is a forum for hunters by hunters and we can all take part in making this site great. There are a lot in interesting articles out there for us to pass on information to each other. Rather than some of you members talking smack, find something interesting and post it for us all to see.

Hunting season is about to be upon us, get ready for a great few months.

Larry Cochran
code3run said:
Great lets get some action going! Anyone going to Big Bear 3D shoot next weekend?

I wanted to but the wife reminded me we have two kid birthday party's to go to. I have some friends from the range, and the Long Beach bowhunters that will be there.

Have a good time.
Probably cant make the Big Bear shoot but I am sure I will be at the Balboa Park shoot next weekend. Any one plan on going to that one? I have tree weeks until Utah lots to do..

Larry Cochran
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