Coyote hunting

Most of the CNF has good yote and bobcat populations so take a pick. I killed two at the same time once while turkey hunting on CNF in pine valley area.
There are loads of good coyote areas in San Diego. You can look in McCain Valley. La Posta area, Buckman Springs area down on the Cleveland land. The biggest thing you need to know is the private property areas.

Remember Bobcat season and Fox season is closed so only Coyotes are available. Also the coyotes are coming into denning time so this can be a hard time to get them to respond.
Yes dont shoot any Bobcats yet. McCain Valley is a excellent yote spot and one of my other favorite area is Noble canyon. Good high spots you can set up and call them through the river beds.

As for bobcats, I saw a bobcat on every outing during the deer season this year, seems like there's quite a bit this last year. My dogs tree'd one a few weeks back while I was out chasing pigs, luckily I was able to pull th dogs away and let the cat run away.
This one was killed in the CFN.I was calling and had one coyote coming in hard.When my buddy shoots.
The coyote I was watching takes off,I thought he missed but he says he got him.Turns out there were two more up on the hill I did'nt see.Shot this one at 348 yards.


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Yes in 22-250, my buddy won that at one of the banquets last year.
That was the first coyote shot with it.
I shoot a 22-250 also my gun is a Remington
I am a big fan of the 22-250. I shot the heck out of a couple rigs in the 1980's. I had a Rem 700 and a Thompson Aristocrat with double set triggers (should not have parted with it). They were squirrel vaporizing - coyote smashing machines! I still have the dies and bullets and quite a bit of brass. I might just have to go get another one here soon. :-\
That is a fun caliber I have put down a few deer with it but I would'nt recomend it.Used x bullets.
Coyotes down I think it's the best.Took it to Oklahoma once for coyotes and prarie dogs that was alot of fun.Gotta take alot of ammo for that.

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