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Arrows in your Quiver, wont deliver!!
Oct 29, 2011
Southern Indiana
I have put together some simple rules and would like to keep it as simple and fun as possible. Please cast your vote.

Tournament Rules

1. $40.00 per team entry (cash only)
2. Teams may have up to 2 members
3. Payout-1st-50%,2nd-35% ,3rd-15%
4. Big dog, Big cat, small dog, small cat, side pot ($10/ team)
5. One vehicle per team (ex. Pickup or ATV…not both at 1 time)
6. Animals MUST be called in.
7. No baiting, trapping, luring, or use of dogs or helicopter.
8. No pooling of animals between teams.
10. Mouth/hand or Electronic calls only.
11. Locate and call your own. No scouts or outside people helping.
12. Sign-in BY 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Check-in by 12:00 p.m. sharp on Sunday!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!
13. Team members MUST stay together and within 100 yards of each other.
14. Bobcats-5pts. Coyotes-3pts. Fox-3pts.
15. Hunt anywhere you have LEGAL permission to hunt within the Fish and Game hunt regulations.
16. Must have valid hunting liscense.
17. Each hunter is responsible for the disposal of his/her coyote carcass.

Must have 8 teams to create an official tournament!
Most tournaments have a check in time on Sat. night also. Some of the guys I had talked to would drive 4-5 hours to their hunting spots and hunt as long as they could and get back in time before first(9pm or so) check in. I was at one where a team came back about three min late and they were nocked out of the tournament... Its just all part of the game and tactics of the tourney. I think the first check in was to discourage night hunting which is illegal in AZ. Also when everyone meets up on the first Saturday check-in it just pumped everyone up when everyone started telling hunting stories from that day and showed off all Varmints taken that day. Its wild to see a TRUCK LOAD of coyotes show up about ten min before deadline. You may want to look into a fur purchaser company to skin a take the pelts since thats what most tournaments have show up at these things....just my 2cents!
I'm down with your 2 cents SoCalHunter!! 8)

My thought is; check in and sign up on a Friday (mandatory) go over the rules and send everyone out on their way to hunt for the next 40 hours (day or night hunting). I didn't know about the fur companies. I will look into that. Right now I'm trying to find out the level of interst. I will definitize the rules and logistics once the POLL is over if we have enough teams.

I have owned 3 pro shops, ran shooting leagues, shooting tournaments set up hunts for people all over the west and Alaska and have been president of archery clubs. I have never held a coyote tournament but I don't think it will be too difficult.

Thanks for the info :)

We have not lost site of your great idea for a Varmint contest. We should shoot for a May time frame. What do you think? This way we can get through Turkey season and have time to do it correctly.
The coyotes will start pupping @ the middle of March and into April. It would be better to give them some time to raise the next generation of renewable resources.
The best time to have a tournament is Dec,Jan to the first half of Feb.
How about a contest on who shoots one of these first ;)


  • muledeer.jpg
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Wow...That is just mean Jose! You are making us all drool. I have to change my shirt now!
LOL!!!! That's funny guys. I have seen monsters like this in sonora,mexico. But no matter what permits u have the military down there doesn't seem to care sometimes and they will confiscate your stuff. I'd rather not go at all. Unless u pay $8000-$10,000 cash. So u guys know, the reason those deer get soooo big, is because no-one can hunt them. Pretty sad I know. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll put up a pic of my uncle who has hunted one of them before he passed away 2 yrs ago. Good evening guys.
Right on! I'll look for it tonight and I'll post it up sometime tomorrow morning. Keep ur eyes open. Lol! :).
Here's the pic of my uncle. Sorry if its a little knarly but i had to take a pic of the pic. My uncle ( who now rests in peace wherever he's at ) is the guy on the left with the big moustache. He shot it at 180yds with a .270 win and a 130gr bullet. Hope u guys like it.


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So u guys know, it was a giant 6x4 sonora mule deer. There are bigger ones out there, but it's hard to go knowing that I might get in trouble even if I have the right permits. Maybe i'll try it soon. WOW!!! What a GIANT!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
That is an amazing mule deer Jose. Your uncle was a certified killer!
:D :D :D.!!!!! Yea he was ! I've really been thinking about taking a trip down there just to see what it's like now days. Maybe I'll like what I see and go on a hunting trip there. The ranch is there and the people are great! But it's just the local officers who are corrupted. But who knows, maybe it's changed now. Thanks for the reply. My uncle, father, bros and cousins are all hunters and we always appreciate the outdoors. :) :) :) I'll put more up soon. Thanks again!!!!!
Never in my life have I seen deer like you posted That's truly amazing, if I only ever harvested one more animal in my life and it was of the stature in the photos you posted I would be fulfilled and die a happy man
Ditto what Snake Charmer said, that is a fricken DONKEY! That's the kind I have dreams of. Hopfully I can find one in North America. Thanks for sharing

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