D15 Buck last year


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Apr 5, 2012
Orange County
New to the forum from up here in D15. Love lookin through all the posts and photos thanks guys! Thought i would share a nice buck i saw once up here last year. All i had with me that day was a camera....Ill be after him next season tho that is for sure!


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Yepp hopefully i can find him next year! I came across this forum because I was doing some research on some spots down in D16. My cousin is in the navy, lives in San Diego, and just got into bowhunting so I am plannin on doing some scouting down there this summer.
Amazing buck! Hope you are able to catch up with him this season... ;D
Jimmiya said:
Where are these in D15?

Most are on the private land that is all around the CNF. If you want to see deer from the road with your kids you can take a drive up the canyon an hour before dark and look over the fences. If you want to hunt D15 you'll need to be ready to hike to the top where there is access and scout your ass off.
That is one awesome socal buck. One does not see many like down here unless they are on private land. The largest Socal buck I have everseen was on Warner Springs Ranch across from the airfield. Wish I had photos of him...
Hey everyone, im new to hunting D!% and deer in general, i've done a lot of bird hunting but am looking for a little help and suggestions. I've been out the past two weeks with some trail cams, and got a few does in one area but came to find out my maps are outdated and its now a nature preserve, if anyone could share any insight i would really appreciate it!
i've got a CNF map, i just set up some cams in the silverado area, hopefully ill stumble across something, i did come across a flock of about 12 wild turkeys tho :eek: should i be focusing on scouting areasa with mostly food sources or mostly water sources?
Nice one hopefully you'll catch up to him this year. I like to see if he acquired any more mass. Looking forward to the post harvest picture.

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