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Oct 26, 2011
Im looking to get a new daypack. I want a pack that can carry a rifle like the h2 gunrunner and am very interested in the blacks creek western daypack but im not quite sure how the Blacks-Creek pack carrys the rifle. Can anyone help me? Does it carry it in a scabbard similar to the h2 or does it carry it on the side? I want to be able to pull the rifle out anytime which is why I want a system like the h2. Any other info/opinions that are helpful are welcome. Thanks
The Blacks Creek is more of a strap on deal (great gear non the less) while the Eberlestock is a scabbard arrangement, I have to admit prejudice at this point, The Eberlestock gear is top of the line in my opinion. Let the argument begin!
This is the Blacks Creek Western in action with rifle and a half of a de boned deer plus misc gear.
It is a good pack but I'm leaning towards the Eberlestock for my next pack. I too would like to be able to get the rifle out of the pack quicker like the Eberlestock allows you to do.


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Im really leaning toward the Eberlestock . It seems no matter where you look they are all priced at $149.00 but I did find a site that includes a free accessory (saddle bag, duffel pack, pouch, or hydration bladder 2 or 3 liter) along with free shipping. I just really like the scabbard arrangement vs the side strap.

Thanks for posting that pic Lungpopper. If you want I can shoot you the link of the site that has the H2 with the free item.
I'm with Snake charmer on this one, I have two Eberlestock packs, I have the Just one J107 for multi-day trips you can load it with more then you can carry, I also have the new X2 which you can buy the attachment to carry either a bow or rifle like your looking for, the main reason I went with Eberlesstock and not the Badlands or Blacks creek was simply because they are made in the USA!
Well I ended up getting the h2 gunrunner and couldnt be happier. The only thing is the waist belt strap is only a 1" belt so we will see how it holds up. Otherwise the pack has plenty of room in it plus I got the saddle bag for free which holds more gear and straps on the side very easily and securely.

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