Del Mar Gun Show - Crossroads of the West


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.

Did anyone go up to the Del Mar Gun Show over the weekend? I went yesterday to go see the "Ear Plug Lady". I have been wanting to get a set from her for years. I guess if I would have done some time ago my hearing would not be so bad. My wife thinks my hearing degraded noticeably, so I thought I'd better try and save what is left.

As far as I could tell, if you are looking to buy a new gun - "Fine Firearms" was the place to hookup. The gunpowder being sold at the outside entrance was reasonable too. No hazmat and shipping costs with basically the same prices as the internet. Other than that, it was a bunch of stuff I had no interest in. There were two booths that killed it though - like I said, Fine Firearms and the Wholesale Ammo folks. Both areas were jam-packed.

I picked up my earplugs and my buddy found the flashlight and cleaning rod he was looking for. So a successful trip was had.
Back inthe 80"s i went quite a bit,back then there were guns on every table.
There use to be some old timers there that built guns in there backyard,
in Chula Vista National City area.I bought a 22Cheetah from them built on
an Interarms.
Anyways they invited me down to there shop and I got to watch them
work on there toys,they built there own reloading dies.I watched them build 375
bullets out of 9mm casings they would think of something and build it.Very interesting
I was, but then decided not to go. All I needed (then) was some Triple Se7en FFFg powder but I have a friend who is going to Cabella's next month and he's picking me up some then. All the shops around here are out of it. I'm headed for the range tomorrow to try out that Remington 788 so I might be in the market for some Hornady V-Max ammo soon. They sell powder outside the fairgrounds? No entrance fee? How about black powder? I may have missed out!
It is a come and go situation...Sounds like the Cabela's might be the ticket. I need some Reloader 25 -can I get on the train?
Jerry, I think I may already be covered. I'll let you know. Thanks! ;)

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