Dogs fight back


just a dude who duck hunts
Feb 16, 2011
Stuck a cam on a lil temp water hole that the recent rain made. Active lil hole and the coyotes did something odd. I had the cam Just tucked in some rocks close by. One of the dogs saw the IR flash or the little red light grabbed the cam and pissed on it at about 2:01am ( it smells bad )
This would be the dog that did it

When I first walked up and saw the cam laying in the dirt I thought maybe a person had moved it but pretty sure the yote did it.
Coyote 2 hunter 0

Spent the afternoon sitting 300 yards away watching the same spot with a rotting chicken to draw him out. No love not even any distant howling. So at last light I shot the chicken.... 32gr vmax is still going 3000fps @ 300 yards with only 3" of drop at a 200 yard zero. Miss chicken exploded with a wing landing 10' away. Maybe the coyote will break a tooth on part of the slug......

This is not over
Great story. The whole family got a good laugh out of this one.
The yote showed up at 3 am to eat miss chicken. He then came back every hour till 9 am to see if more free food showed up......

The game is on
Good luck on gettin that coyote! they sure look nice mounted on a pedestal as if they were houling. I'm really thinking of going out and looking for one. Anybody know any good coyote and bobcat areas ? Thanks for reading. ;D
Here's a couple that i liked myself. Hope u guys like em. ;D


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Had to work nights the last two weeks so it's been tough to get out.

Mr Yote has gone night ops only. I think he might be playing with me

Side note the quail look fat and happy as ever.
Hummmmm what to use to lure him in :)
Tried that and a few other calling tricks. I might have burned him a few times. Been doing preditor control on this property for a while so the easy dogs are gone. Sat tonight for nada, very quiet all over. Wind was ripping so I think everyone was hunkered down. I did get this lil guy on a cam :) he might grow up nice
It's amazing how fast they grow antlers. Be interesting to see if he makes it to 4x4

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