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Aug 4, 2011
I got a lottery hunt for barrett but have never hunted there before any tips?
Normal lake shore hunting. The trick is to draw a good blind so try to get info about how each blind shot from the water dept. office the day before you go.

Plan on using 1 - 1.5 doz. ring-neck decs. Bring a diver duck call and soft call them occasinally. Camo up real good as per usual. Use natural rocks and brush as much as possible. Push your boat far away from your blind and bring plenty of camo to cover it up. Hip high waders are all you need. Its a good idea to buy a marsh or mud stool rather than a chair (Cabela'a - )

After 9 AM its all ruddy's and pass shooting.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info looks like I'm going to spend some money cause I only have pintail and teal dekes. No waders, or boat camo gear. will all blinds be water contact? I'm going with a friend who drew Oct.26 hunt. Thanks again for your help!
You don't really need waders, but it would be nice. If you have a dog, great for retrieves. If you don't have waders/dog, you'll need to use your boat unless they hit land or float to shore. The lake is a canyon lake, so wading more then a few feet away from the shore line may be futile.
You don't really need other dekes, but it would be nice. Blinds will be self made in the brush/bushes/boulders along the shoreline in your hunting "area".
For a simple boat cover, go to an army surplus store and get parachute material in green camo.
They do rent outboards too.
The draw for other hunt dates is tomorrow at 0730 at the city lakes office below San Vee dam.
Thanks sdhunter. the info is very helpful. I think I have a old parachute I can use to cover the boat.
Thanks to all of you for the helpful info. I can't wait to blast them ducks!

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