Getting a Deer tag????


Aug 10, 2012
So i was looking in to trying to get a tag in D16 since it is relatively close to me. Some one mentioned tha i should put that as a second choice and not my first, mentioned something about preference points. What are preference points? He said to put my first choice in a zone that is difficult to draw a tag for. Then i would get my second choice and get points. Can anybody shed some light on this? First year and still trying to figure all this out. The wife and i want to start heading south to do some scouting but i would really like some clarification. Thanks
D-16 has sold out for this year if you have not purchased the tag yet. Preference points are accumulated by year based on draw results, if you don't draw a premium tag you put in for you receive a point. The D16 tags typically can be had over the counter but they are selling out earlier for the past 3 years.

Where are you located at? Maybe someone here can help you out a little more in person.
Say you put in for a certain hunt zone for five years and were not successful you would have five bonus points. Those five bonus points would give you a better chance to draw that tag than say a guy that had three bonus points.
OK I see. Thanks for the info. I'm located in Riverside. Well I will have to be more on my A game next season. Thanks for the info
If u live in riverside u should hunt d14. That's ur zone. Big deer and lots of them. Hunted there before in the past and killed a few. Good luck
Well i bought my first ever deer tag! feels pretty good. I will start scouting D14 this weekend hopefully i will see some good sign.
Good luck 06! I'm sure you'll do fine. Just get out there and start scouting. Good luck to you and put up a pic of the buck u get.
Thanks for the encouraging words josecasillas. I just went to the San bernardino dfg website and it said D14 was closed. Has any body heard anything?
D14 has 1,473 tags left. You are in fine shape. In fact you could buy two tags if you want. ;)
Two tags crossed my mind but I figure try to fill one first! Besides I don't want to harvest the two best bucks up there only the first! Lol
06, are you archery or riffle. If you are doing much scouting for riffle don't forget archery opens on the 1st of Sept. so watch yourself and anything you kick up.
ALSO, needed to revise this. Know before you go. I am in Southwest Riverside County and we are having veg fires kick off every couple days. I think so far this season I know of 5 fires already. I have a brother that works up there and conditions are not good (high fire danger). That being said, with the poor rain fall last season and the hot weather we've been having it has happened in the past that they closed particular sections or zones to riffle hunting completely. You can check the Forest Service website but I suggest calling just to make sure before you head out. I always do.
Outdoordave ill be rifle hunting. Im going to scout up by the nortshore and in the San Gorgonio wilderness area. I'm also debating on getting a bear tag. I have talked to a few people who spotted beat in some areas close to one another while on hikes. I called and asked about closures and was told there was none. Just that open fires and charcoal BBQ is not allowed. Like I said it's my first year I'm excited I'm hoping for good results because if I get so worked upover scouting and preparing I can only imagine the feeling if all this work pays off and I'm able to harvest a buck! Thanks for all the hhelp here!

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