Mar 3, 2011
Is any one here well rounded with bolt action gun smithing.
checking head space on a ruger tang safety m77 in 270 I have a 270 I received from my grand dad when he passed. The problem I have is when I received the gun there was no bolt i called ruger, ATF and took the gun to a gun shop to verify it was not stolen. All came back good called ruger for a bolt nothing they can do for that model gun ( to old) I do have a 3006 in the same make & year. The bolt fits correctly dry fires correctly can I use that bolt in both guns ? If any one here has the knowledge I will be happy to pay them for there time to go through it.
Thank's MSE
Never ever ever change parts like you are talking about without having the gun examined and the head space checked by a gunsmith. The pressures that a modern smokeless cartridge can generate in that caliber are upwards of 40 to 50 thousand psi. If the bolt is not properly headspaced you could end up sending the bolt through the back of your head when you pull the trigger.
Thats what I was concerned with maybe just leave it as it is. I would like to shoot it because it is new does not look like it was ever used would you go through the trouble of trying to see if it is possible or leave it alone? I do not need to use the gun have others just would be nice to have it functional.
Thank's snake charmer.
I think its possible but you might try and locate a used bolt. There is a used and old parts dealer here in the U.S. called Numrich, they might have one that could be fitted to your gun or maybe Bolsa gun works up in Westminister could find one for you. I think I'd try and call around and see if I could locate a used one if it were mine.
I have been on this mission for 3 years now no hurry did try numrich couple years ago but will try bolsa to I'm not stupid enough to do something unsafe thats for sure thanks' for the help worst case it can continue to sit thank's again.
Thanks Nbk, Snake charmer I called them and their advice would be to find something used on line. I really don't want to take any chances with something like that I'm just going to leave it in the safe where it has been for the last couple years. It is a shame beautiful gun that cant be used Thank's again.
That was my original plan, but all the feed back I get from everyone is not a good idea. I can understand their point of view completely which i respect in few words they don't want to be responsible for something that really should not be done.
On a side note iv'e been starting my reloads for 270 short and fired the first set early this week I have tried uploading my best batch but I cant get it to work for the life of me.
I loaded h4831 with 140 gr hornady sst in a rem case with a wlrm primer 55.8 grains gave me the best group of 2 holes touching and 1 0.625 away from the bunch. I noticed it did not like the higher charge group would get bigger?
Thanks it was very rewarding, been setting up my bench and tools for a while now. pretty cool when all the prep comes together and you finally get to shoot your work.

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