Hello So. Cal Hunting!


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Aug 27, 2012
Hey guys, my name is Steven and a few months ago i began my hunter ed class online, i did finish it but am still waiting to take the test and get a license simply because i dont know what hunting is around the inland empire (where i live now) and i dont want to go on guided tours or private land as i can barely afford my weapon and gear with school and what not. pretty much my question is...is there any good public land to hunt in and around the inland empire? also, where could i find a hunting buddy/mentor? as of now ive got a remington 870 in 12 ga, and soon to have a 10/22 take down since that 12 gauge is a little expensive for me to shoot


first and foremost, welcome aboard. You should find some great info on here. Good news is there are plenty of hunting opportunities in and around So Cal, bad news is there is no magic answer, while I suggest getting a quadrangle map of San Berdo mountains and get out and do so scouting. There is a good amount of public land and good animals on it, you will have to be willing to put in your effort to be successful. Good luck
Welcome to the site.
Now is a great time to be out scouting for the animals that you are interested in hunting later. You don't need a license to scout, just get out there and enjoy the outdoors.
Welcome to the website Steven. Remember that just getting out in the field is 90% of getting it done.
Hi Steven, welcome aboard, any time in the field is good, generally speaking dfg ground is well hunted so you may or may not see much game. Small game is easier than big so if you are after rabbits, dove or quail the dfg land may yield some bounty. If it is antlered game you desire look to your national forests and work with remote areas and water sources. Understand it takes dedication and perseverance to find a good deer in this part of the world. Good luck to you !
If you are new to the area, then get maps or a buddy that does know the area you are interested in would be a great help to you. Besides, a buddy can become a great hunting friend and partner and 4 eyes are better than two when scouting and hunting. Just my 2 cents. Anyways.....from one newbie to another, welcome to the site. I've only been a member for a few days myself.

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