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Sep 24, 2012
Hello! I am moving to Edwards AFB in April from Mississippi and have to admit I am a little worried about hunting in CA. I do not understand how anything works with the draws and zones and all that. I have asked numerous people and all I keep getting is links to the DNR site. For a newbie this is not real helpful. I also shoot a ton of archery tournaments. Anyone that can help me out I would really appreciate it.

Welcome to the site Jason.
It will take more than I will write here for you to get all the info you need but I will give you a short version.
The X zones are all premium tags that you will have to draw for(by June) If not successful you get a point and it will move you up the ladder the next year.
The A zone and most of the D zones are over the counter. There is an Archery Only tag that will let you hunt just about all of the A&D zones
Then there are numerous archery tags for either sex in specified zones.Most of these are over the counter also.

There are 3d ranges and archery clubs all over you wont have a problem finding a place to shoot.

So when you apply for these tags do you have to pay? Is there anywhewre to hunt elk or bear without applying for a tag?
Welcome aboard AF. You should be able to find everything you need regarding California and more on this website. Go to the SCH front page http://southerncaliforniahunting.com/ and on the right side halfway down you will see the California Big Game Hunting proclamation. Click on it and download the pdf. It is all there.
afhunter said:
So when you apply for these tags do you have to pay? Is there anywhewre to hunt elk or bear without applying for a tag?

Elk is always a draw here, and bear is over the counter but you need a tag.

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