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Jul 10, 2012
I guess I should start with an introduction my name is Tom and I have been a captain on sportfishing boats for many years I got out about 14 years ago and am now a teacher. So my older now 14 soon to be 15 got into dove hunting last year with my best friend Fred (owner operator of the Daily Double) and his son. Fast forward a year and now I am getting into it but I have never shot a shotgun, just rifles. My 12 year old is getting into it as well and both of the boys shoot way better than I do. I know nothing about shooting, dove hunting, duck hunting or anything else such as where to go, what I need, etc. I have bought a Benelli Nova 12 ga for myself and a Savage/ Springfield 67 20 ga for my 12 year old (thanks Fine Firearms). I went to P2K today and hit a few targets on my first round of trap but went 0 for 25 in the second round. I would love to get some help so I won't be an anchor to my boys. The older one is a natural and the younger one kicked my ass today. I am humble and will take any help offered.


Welcome to the forum Tom, Its always great to see the ranks of shooting sportsman grow. If you've shot a rifle you know that it takes practice to become proficient. Shooting a shotgun is a different skill set than rifle and I think in many ways more difficult to master than a long gun. The best way to become proficient is to practice frequently. Its never a bad idea to take some lessons, a good instructor can get you on track quickly by showing you the basics and correcting any errors you are making. I'm know there are some instructors that work out of Raahaugee's but I'm not sure about any one here locally, can anyone out there recommend a local instructor ?
Thanks for your reply it is the only one out of 30 views I have received... that is ok I need to prove myself obviously. I would love to get some PM's or emails tmuehleman2SANDI.NET SO i HAVE SOME IDEAS WHERE TO START ...i DON'T WANT TO SHOOT WITH YOU (ALTHOUGH THIS YEAR IT WOULD be cool) but any ideas of where to scout for a newbie with 2 kids just starting out would be nice Sorry for the caps lock
I'm no instructor, but keep your eyes open and follow through with your shot. (Don't stop the gun because you pulled the trigger.)
You will find the best Dove hunting in AZ along the river or Yuma area.
Hi Tom,

You may already know this but Nic at Fine Firearms is a certified shotgun instructor. If you want someone to go over the fundamentals, he's your man.

Welcome and good luck!
Welcome aboard Tom, if you haven't done so already; do some lurking through the upland game section of this site for some good info. Also, there are some good people on there that would probably give you some additional pointers when it comes to locations. Unfortunately, I don't make the trek, I stay more local. Not at successful but not as costly or time consuming either. Again, welcome aboard and good luck.

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