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“Venison” It’s what’s for dinner!
Feb 3, 2011
I just got back from a week long trip to Hawaii (Kauai Island). It was my 5th wedding anniversary. We did all the regular tourist stuff. I’ll spare you the pictures of sunsets on the beach. I tried to find a hog hunting outfitter with no luck on that island. Hog hunting with dogs is very popular with the locals. To the trained eye it’s easy to spot the old muddy trucks with dog boxes in the back and a hog sticker in the window. They are slow to open up and talk about it because most tourists are of the tree hugging type. It’s all done with dogs and a knife. (not legal in CA) Here is a flyer for a hog’n dog tournament on the island. Wild stuff ! Some hunters are opposed to this type of hunting, but you should not knock it until you have tried it. It’s a real rush. The hog dies very quickly with a knife to the heart. The argument is as silly as you trying to argue hunting itself with some dude at your office that has never been.


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Congratulations on your 5th. That's awesome...

Definitely a different way to hunt. Hounds-men are a peculiar breed of folks. The real hunt seems to be more about the dogs than the actual harvest; which makes sense. There is allot of this style hunting going on in Texas.

What's unfortunate is that the new tv program about hogs taking over towns and such has escalated the bad press regarding how they are being hunted (not a big fan of the show). They have depicted pigs as human hungry predators. They are no different than a moose, deer etc. regarding how they survive and protect themselves.

As you had noted - it can be a delicate topic no-the-less.

These are my express opinions derived from my experiences - I know less than most and half as much as some!

I my self enjoy following my dogs to hunt hogs. Like every one said earlier, its some what of a sensitive topic because of all the negative views.

I grew up hunting hogs in Japan with my father and I used to hunt primarily up north. Now that we have hogs here, I been hunting most of the time in the CNF and some private areas I have permission to hunt.

I would definitely would like to hunt in Hawaii and Texas one day. Its one of those don't knock it until you try it things
We got back from Maui 2 month's ago and I was trying to put a Pig hunt together. It was the same deal, dogs and a knife. I just wasn't into it or too scared. Happy 5th it's good to be married.
It really is all about the dogs. Many times the guys will release a small pig or sow just like when they tree a sow bear. I was invited on a hog and dog hunt one time and went. We didn’t get any pigs but it was a real workout chasing after those dogs. I wasn’t scared of the pigs, only the catch dog. I was warned to not look him in the eyes but I must have forgot. That huge Dogo Argentino wanted my blood and almost got it twice.

I agree that show is a joke bringing bad press. Steve from the Wild Within did a Hawaii hog and knife episode and sold it much better to the audience. The Hogs Wild show looks staged and edited to hell. I watch and just keep saying “that would never happen” !

It’s all hunting to me. Some guys use a bow, others a rifle, some only like upland game. No matter what you like we all need to stick together. Some would say “that’s not fair” …… Well I never said it was fair. None of its fair. Is a quail against a 12 gage fair ….. No…… However you choose to legally bring home the bacon is fine by me.
I been hunting pigs with dogs for awhile now and I have sacrificed a lot for my dogs. Its one of those thing that require tons of time and money.

I have run into hunters who oppose it and disagree with the type of hunting I do but I always make it a point to invite those who don't understand the type of hunting I do and show them first hand that its not what is portrayed on tv and by the anti side.

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