Hows it goin fellas

Apr 13, 2017
First time posting in this sub section, spend most of my time in the newbie den.(as im sure most of us do)
But ya wanted to see if i have some guys around me. Im livin in Anaheim right now, have a couple hog tags burning a hole in my pocket , and am hoping to catch some dove action before the season is over.

As of right now im shotgun hunting, any an everything i can from upland game an waterfowl to hogs.

Shooting a 12g mossberg 500 , put almost 1000 rounds through it so far an am proficient. Soon to buy the Savage Trophy Hunter .308 but until then its the trusty 12 gauge.

So guess im just throwin out a line here, anyone around the area lookin for a shootin buddy or someome to scout with im ur guy.

Im 26 an athlete an in shape, spend most of my time hiking the la national forest so im pretty acclimated to steep country.

Hear from ya later,
Good hunting !!

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Oct 24, 2017
Hey AL, I'm in the Los Angeles area and a newbie as well. I'll be continuing with rabbit hunting/scouting as soon as it cools down (hopefully in the next week or two). Let me know if you'd like to join!