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What is your experence with insulated boots in the summer months?

I have never had the need for insulated boots other then 200? Grams thinsulate. I purchased three different boots last year to try different boots because I wanted to find a really good pair. So I purchased the danner vanish, wolverine pronghorn?, and underarmor hunting boots. Now each boot had really high points for me with the danners coming at the top only because the underarmor boots smell really bad but we're the most comfortable boots I have ever purchased. The wolverines are the lightest of the bunch but failed in support and comfort. Oh and for some reason they squeak when dry no matter how broken in they are. Now here's the trouble I ran into with the danners, about 4 months in the fabric lace loops busted and im still waiting to get them repaired. The only thing about the danners is they are a bit heavy but had the best support and warmth of the bunch and it comes with scent lock liner.

All the boots mentioned above is great even in 100 degree weather and a quick dip in a creek makes it feel even better. Not sure if this reply even comes close to answering your question but this is just MHO.
I hardly ever use insulated boots, if its that cold (single digit and teens) I 'll go to a pack boot with removable liner. The past few years I have been using both Meindl and Kennetrek boots. They offer insulated and non all mine are non insulated. I think if you intend to stand hunt then insulated may be something to consider but if you are active I'm not sure you need them especially in this part of the world. LIke everything its depends what your comfort level is, personally I'd rather be a little cold than overheated while trying to hunt, my feet rarely get cold. My friend and I have a mantra when it comes to hunting "its ok to be cold" It's a rare day when you can put on a set of clothes in the morning and not have to relayer as the day goes by.

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