Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Day 1

Scouted last night (Wednesday) and found a good size pond on a pea field being used by lots of birds. Went out with the boys this morning and had our way with the ducks and geese.

Carnage Count 60 birds:

3 Specks
2 greater Canadas
23 Lesser Canadas
6 Pintail
26 Mallards

A good hunt to say the least...


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:eek: :eek: :eek: Damn John!!!!!!! You werent kidding when u said u were gonna put up serious carnage big man! Congratz man! Great job and beautiful pics man. Keep at em John! See u when u get back
:D :D :D :D :D :D We are heading out to go scouting for tomorrows hunt in a few hours. Will post scouting results later tonight.
Wow! You guys are slaying them ! Looks like a Blast! (Pun intended)
Damn guys great job!! what a nice setup, pretty cool pictures!! can't wait to see more pictures and a little story!
What a great place it looks like the Windows Vista screen background but with dry grass :D

Good Luck

Day 2

Thanks for all of the kind posts. Had another great day on the geese (hunted a wheat field). Jeff and I both shot 2 triples each! The Kent Matrix is no less than devastating!

Heading into town today to get the fixings for a duck feast. Then heading back out to scout for tomorrows shoot. Got home from scouting last night and was so tired I went to bed and slept straight through to the alarm! :D

Today's Carnage count 24 geese:

22 Greater Canada's
1 lesser Canada
1 Speck


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Heading out to scout for ducks and geese and then back for the duck shish-ka-bob feast! Will report back this evening....
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Keep up the carnage!!!!!
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Just returned from scouting. We have two fields lined up. One that has about 1500 Specs on it and the other about 1000+ Canadas. We are waiting permsission for the spec field otherwise plan B...
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Wow, you and Jeff are really putting the hammer to them. Hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see more pictures.
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Dang!!!!! Hope you guys have a better shoot in the AM.... ;D
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Day 3

Goose hunting for greater Canada's was off the chain this morning. We had one flock come into the decoys where we put 12 birds on the ground in one volley. We had a blast!

Today's Carnage count was 32 geese:

31 Greater Canadas
1 lesser Canada


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Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Wow it looks like you're having a blast! I loved that picture with the hunter's silhouette in the sunrise.... How are you planing to bring all those feathers down here? I'm saying feathers because you guys are eating them ala kebob style! ;D
Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Day 4 and final day

We decided to hunt ducks on our final day. We went back to the day 1 pea field and set up off of the water about 100 yards. Out of the gate we had a flock of specs come in and then straight ducks thereafter.

We are heading back to Rob's place to relax and then on a flight home tomorrow. We weren't here for a long time - just a good time

Today's Carnage count 27 birds:

3 Specks
12 Pintail
12 Mallards.

An epic trip to sum it up!


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Re: Hunting Report - Alberta Waterfowl Fest 2012 (posting live)

Trip Totals!

Specks 7
Greater Canada's 55
Lesser Canada's 25
Pintail 18
Mallards 38

Total = 143 BIRDS!


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