Im stumped on what to put in for this year?


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Feb 27, 2011
Covina Ca
First things first I have find some apprentice hunts that I want to put my son in for this year. Last 2 years he drew J-13 buck or doe tag La County and is 2 for 2. Area we hunt is a friends spot that is tuff to access without a rhino or small 4 wheel drive. Still an option but I only hunt there if my friend goes and takes his rhino. I was thinking about putting him in for the FHL 2 day hunt? I just dont know all the costs involved and if its worth driving up there for it..His other tag has been a d-11 tag. I hate hunting D-11....I dont have the spots like I used to. As for me, I love bowhunting but I like to take my virgin rifle out too this year and try to wack something. I probably will end up with AO and D-11 again!!
Sounds like you got it covered. I think I'm going with the A-22 and an A-O. The A-22 gives me a long season, and the A-O lets me move around all I want between zones. The A-O also helps to cover the days when the A22 is closed.

It would be cool if they had a tag system where you could add zones. The state could make more money. I would pay more for this. Example: You buy a standard D16 tag for about 25.00 bucks then for another 40 bucks you can add Zone D11 to the same tag. The one tag would still be good for 1 deer but expand your opportunities. I always find myself in a pickle between A31, A22, and AO. I also wish the A22 didn’t have that split season. That always screws things up. The A31 is just like the A22 but without the split season.
It's a cool concept, but somehow the tag quota would still need to be managed. So if there were 3000 tags in a given area it could not be encroached beyond that due to crossover tags. I like the idea.
Yeah, I know it’s not perfect but they already do it with the AO and some of the other D zones have been combined into one tag in the last few years. Just a dream of mine that I think about every year. Their bean counters could figure out the quota numbers.
Ok i did everything online yesterday and was pretty simple and convienent. I put g3 and d11 on 1st choice and ao on 2nd tag. I also put in for the deer and elk lottery hunt thats new this year. $5.40 each time you put in and no additional fees if you draw. I put my son in for the apprentice Fort Hunter Liggett either sex hunt. Hope that works out. 2nd choice d11 so we can both bow and rifle hunt. Course put in for elk, bighorn and antelope hunts and put my wife in for elk and antelope only. Again the online thing is pretty easy.

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