iPhone question?


I despise granola heads!
Aug 1, 2011
Do any of you smart phone guys know how to post/attach a photo on the site from an iPhone? I've run out of patients.
Wow. It worked from my phone. Cool. Just do it like you would on your computer. It was easy. I tried a long time ago and could not do it but it just worked fine. I have a HTC EVO.
I just tried it from my Android Samsung Galaxy S III and it worked just like I was on the computer. I know how to fix your problem now. Toss your antiquated 3G Apple iphone in the recycle bin and get a Qualcomm chipped Android 4G phone! ;D ;D ;D


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FORD VS.CHEVY! It might be antiquated, but my "4GS" will do everything if one knows how, thanks......you were LESS help then Darryl, but I read ya loud and clear!
It's not a iPhone flaw it's a value added feature.

Get the photo bucket app. Upload your images to pb and copy the img code into your post. It's easy and clearly better than directly uploading Like android phones do.
Cool, now that's the kind of answer I was hoping for.
Thanks for tip

I will play with my sons iphone when he gets home to see if it will work the way I think it will. If it does I will call you and walk you through it. Bill's way is a great way as well.

Quick question. What browser are you using? I would suggest using Opera if you have not already downloaded it.

I will let you know...
Opera Mini Browser is the hot setup for the i phone. Download the browser and use it when logging into the website.

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