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Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Does any one have any information on a place to get some knives sharpened in the East county? After years of abuse my knives are becoming harder to keep sharp. What do you recommend using to keep your knives sharp.


Larry Cochran
I know Wright knives here in La Mesa does it. Its just off La Mesa BLVD in the heart of downtown La Mesa.
Cabelas, chefs choice sharpening systems (grinding wheels) not the same as hand hone but one heck of a lot quicker when it comes to general purpose knives and cuttin up what ya got layin in front of ya.....
I like the Chefs Choice also, sometimes there's a guy that set's a table up in front of Payton's Hardware on Main st. in lakeside....I have never used him, he maybe worth a try.


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I'll agree with that, the Chef's choice is great for the kitchen but if you want to shave the hair off your arm use a stone or good draw sharpener. The challenge is that if you want a good hand sharpened edge you either have to pay someone or learn the craft.
I was up in Oregon this summer and was browsing a REAL hardware store and came across a small, light, hand-held sharpener called an AccuSharp. I probably have a good half-dozen sharpeners here at home but this on just caught my eye. Maybe it was the camo color, but I bought it. I can't tell you how good it is! I have NEVER had a sharpener that will sharpen a knife like this one will. It puts an absolute razor edge on a knife with just a few very light strokes. It's always in my hunting fanny pack. The Buck I carry is like a scalpel! It's good for knives, hunting arrows...anything like that. It absolutely puts a scalpel hone on blades...and it's only $13.90 at Amazon. You may be able to get it less somewhere else but I guarantee it will be the best sharpener you will ever buy. Here's the link
I have several hunting knives that I need to get sharpened. I have purchased a few of the accusharp type sharpeners and have had great luck at first but I have noticed that it has caused damage to the blade. I am going to get them professionally done this time and maybe invest in a diamond sharpener. I know a few guys that have used them and have been very happy.

Thanks for the great information once again,

Larry Cochran
Srfnkill said:
I know Wright knives here in La Mesa does it. Its just off La Mesa BLVD in the heart of downtown La Mesa.
I sharpen my knives after each use,so they get into the condition you have. Any good oil stone will due the trick
I looked up Wright knives today and made a call to a number that has been disconnected. Can any one confirm that they are still in business?

"I sharpen my knives after each use"

I very much agree with this.If you let them go to long you will have to take some steel off the blade to get the edge back.Touch them up very lightly with a diamond stone after each use to keep the edge and they will last a lot longer.
I have let them go to long and the blades area damaged. I need to have them professioanlly done so I can get them back to a good edge then I can get a good diamond sharpener to keep the edge up.

Larry, I walked by wright today and it was no longer there. I have a DMT folding sharpener and love it. It gets my knives and VPA broadheads razor sharp. Its small and fits in the extra pocket on my knife sheath so its always with me in field.
I called Anza knives and he sharpens knives also. He is located off of Old highway 80 near the Lake jennings offramp. He charges 3 dollars per knife and I am going to give him a try. Thanks for all of the info.

Larry C.
You are in good shape. Anza makes great knives and will have no problem making your knives all they can be regarding an edge etc.

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