Lord....Give me Strength!!!

At the report of the Remington...the flop job boogie commenced...the bird was down....after a long and gruling pack out...the trophy found his way into the freezer..and the harvest was complete...2 more to go and hopefully a puerco and it's back to the safety of the motherland...stay tuned 16ers..the sun is shining for the next 3 days that I'm here...I see the color purple in the near future once again...I love wet turkey pics...as stated ..
Poor little Jake. they do eat good. On to boss tom. And, maybe a filthy pig. :mask:
No looking forward to touching a pig...that dirty bastard will have to be in optimum position for that 25-06 to go bang ..
Gotta keep mama happy fo sho..now go get that bird
And then...it happenend..dear Lord it happened..and yes...I had to touch it...dam it .
Sadly...yes...tired of these things ruining my turkey hunts...way to much work..gross.


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The grocery store is full this year...the rain has done wonders..several soon to be large bucks have also been spotted...come on August...already nervous ..
Hung up at fiddy..large gobbler ..he's gonna get it at some point . I hate turkey hunting..


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