My First Hunt


Aug 7, 2012
My first real vacation in over 6 years I was able to go on my first hunt ever. It was a combination of hog hunting then Sep1 dove hunting. The first day I got to the pond a little late right after sun rise. I sat on top of a hill looking down at the pond for an hour then went down to look for tracks. I saw fresh tracks and fresh scat. I figured I had just missed them. Two days later I went back and got their an hour before sunrise. My dad and me climbed that same hill (which he did well for an old guy) and waited. Wind was at our face then I decided to hike about 30 feet down the front of the hill and that is when I heard the pigs. I went back to the top got my dad and we hiked back down the back of the hill and around the road to cut the pigs off. As we were walking around the corner someone comes driving through in their jeep scaring away the pigs. I was upset but was able to find new tracks and found the path they are taking. Saturday morning was Dove season so my intentions were just to dove hunt. I drove separate from my family with a shot gun in the truck. I arrived at the property first and parked at the pond. To my surprise is a group of pigs drinking from the pond and all I have now is a shot gun and bird shot. So needless to say they got spooked and took off running and When my dad arrived I packed up my rifle and went tracking but never came across them. I was pretty upset at the missed opportunity but like I said this was my first time ever going and i went with basic knowledge about hunting pigs. I was happy to even see a pig my first trip. I think I do have that hunting fever though and cant wait until I can go again. Are there any good areas or prime spots for pig in San Diego? On a side not I did get 8 dove on my first trip. :)
Thanks for the report. Good read. It sounds like you have the pig spot. Go back and kill one this weekend?
welcome to the site and wow, what a crazy first hunt ever! Congrats on the birds and consider yourself pretty well off on the pigs. Sounds like you've got a solid lead on pigs. Was that a ranch? Or someplace you know of?
Welcome to the website!

That may have been frustrating for you but for me...that was a fairly excited combination of events. Way to get out there and mix it up! And congrats regarding your vacation.
Call in sick to work tomorrow , get to that high spot over looking that pond before sunrise and don't pull off your scope till u roll 1 of those pigs over make sure the wind is in your face !

Good luck man !
Wish I could go back again this weekend. It was in NorCal in the D4/5 zones. I did learn a lot from my first trip ready for my second. I was on my family's land it was a nice bit of land. I also got about 20 ground squirrels with my .22 as well. One thing I found is that my 30-06 was very heavy and wasn't pleasant to hunt with. I think next trip I'll use my .223.
Welcome!!!! Sounds like u had some great fun. Can't wait to see pics of ur kill. Good luck! :)

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