My new Varmint rig is on order!


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Just ordered a new rig (should be here next week). A Colt 6720 match & accurized Flat Top!

Can't let Bill have all of the fun...


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nice dude! i have to admit i was not the big fan of the lil guns. I had owned a couple over the years and always sold them for one reason or another. Now that i have one that is a bit more specialized i am having a ball with it...... what are you doing for glass?
Hey NBK that's a nice rig. Do they sell that upper separately or only as a complete rifle? I have a AR that I'm not real happy with the upper on it ( A2 style ) ,would like to find a flat top for coyote hunting.
Bill, still contemplating glass. It will be Leupold for sure and the integral mount system will be

Darryl, the rifles are coming straight from Colt and will shoot 1/2" groups or better out of the box. The rigs come with a full floated 20” stainless steel heavy match grade barrel (1-9 twist) and an enhanced match trigger and hammer. We ordered 14 - and you need to come get one. Colt currently is not producing these rifles and there is speculation that the scheduled production in Dec. 2012 will not ramp up. Further, the current laws in the Ca. legislation may just give enough incentive for Colt to stop CA production all together.

You will be hard pressed to build a better or more accurate rig than the 6720. It is a mil-spec match gun that shoots out of the box...
Sounds like we need to have a show down with the critter killers!

What's the colt come with for a trigger? I'm just now getting used to the geissele SSA two stage. I'm still thinking about putting a single stage in. It's just odd not having shot a two stage...
It is what Colt calls a single stage accurized trigger. I have not felt one so I am not sure what to expect. The plan is to keep the rifle 100% stock. If the trigger needs work, I will clean it up myself. The two stage triggers are very cool, specifically for chucks and squirrels etc. They do take some getting used too though.

The plan is to use the Colt 6920 on critters up close and the 6720 out a ways.

Down the road I would love to build a 204 Ruger but I think my next rig is going to be a .17 HMR Volquartsen...
My friend has a 17hmr anschutz and he won't let me near it for fear I'll take it. Super fun and scary accurate.

If I do another build it will be a 6mm woa Upper from Dan.

I went to the to go read up on the 6mm woa. What I can say is that the cartridge is almost as perfect as it gets for long range coyote hunting. It is not impressively fast but its accuracy out to 600 yards is amazing.

Apparently brass production is as easy as it gets and the cartridge is less than finicky. Looks like the Berger 105's and the A-max 105's are the ticket.

You have peaked my interest Bill!
I have had to stop myself a few times already from calling Carey and having one built. A man could go broke doing just EBG's as a hobby :)

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