New guy with funny story


Aug 9, 2012
well i guess i am a newbie to this site but not to ya`ll break some ice here is little story for ya....a few years back i was hunting the barley flats area during rifle season and decided to check this spot i saw some deer run down.after walking a bit i found an area that someone must of sat and had a personal party...there were at least 7 beer cans and assorted snack wrappers in one me not happy about someone trashing the forest decided to pick up the trash...i layed my gun down and started crushing the cans with my boot when all of a sudden i heard thumping.i looked up and here is this buck charging right at me...of course my gun is away from me..the sound of the cans being smashed must of pissed the buck off or it thought it was another deer...i made a move toward my gun but the buck already saw me and fled the other way...BUMMER
Great story and welcome to the site. Do you have a local deer tag this year?
yea i should try to market the beer can thing..!!lol and yes i do have my local tags A31 and D11...coming up real fast.gonna be a very hot opener this year...haven`t had much time for scouting this year tho...been battling some vertigo the past few months from an ear sorta messes you up...dizzy spells.....its better now luckly...
here is a pic of me with a forky i got in D11 during rifle season...i am also a die hard bowhunter...!!!


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welcome aboard and yes that is a funny story. That's awesome, just reminds me of a "hey look, something shiny" story. Anyway, thanks for sharing and again, welcome!
Nice buck! Sign up for the big buck contest. Its free.
Yep...that's a nice rig. I new a guide who had one just like yours
The guide we know told us he shot the barrel out of a early wood stock 77 (I saw the gun over a long period of time and I believe it) , as the story goes he would resize and reprime and then scoop up the powder with the brass until it was full to the top and then stuff a Barnes 165 over it, His recipe for a pig load!

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